How To Care for a Miniature Dachshund

A miniature dachshund is a delightful breed of dog that has its own temperament and needs. A mini dachshund evolved as hunting dogs, so these have a playful temperament and clever mind, making it an excellent family pet and all around companion. It grows to weigh up to only 11 pounds so it can be easily brought along anywhere.

Before you bring home your dog, here is what you need to do.

  • Buy your dog from a reputable breeder. Choose a dog that is healthy and vibrant. Check with the breeder about the dog's parentage and any medical concerns such as any spinal problems. Ask to see its vaccination records.
  • Take it to the vet. When you first get your dog, introduce it to its vet. The vet will give an assessment of the overall health of the animal. He may also give you tips on the care of the pet, especially in the crucial first few weeks when your dog is adjusting to its new home. Bring it for a checkup annually, or as recommended by the animal doctor.
  • Keep it fed. Your dog must have the proper diet so ensure good health. Aside from dog food and treats, you may want to mix in a few drops of fish oil in its diet. Choose a brand of dog food that is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. However, take care not to overfeed your dog. Mini Dachshunds are meant to remain small so don't shower it with too much food so it doesn't become obese. Up to three months, it can handle four small meals. At six month, reduce it to three meals. At one year, it can live on one meal a day, with some special doggie treats in the morning.
  • Keep it groomed. Regardless if your mini dachshund is of the smooth haired, longhaired or wirehaired variety, it will need regular grooming. Give it a weekly bath and trim its nails. Purchase a dog brush that has bristles designed to bring shine to a dog's coat. Splurge occasionally and take your dog to the groomer for the professional touch.
  • Keep it active. These dogs are naturally active and like to play. Take your dog out for regular walks to keep its heart healthy and body strong. Although they make good indoor pets, your dog will still need to spend sometime to run around in the yard or park to work off its excess energy. Avoid rough play. You may give it chew toys so it doesn't chew on furniture.
  • Handle it properly. Don't attempt to carry your dog by holding it on the neck or the front legs only. Teach young children how to support the body when lifting it.
  • Give it ample socializing opportunities. Spend time with your dog playing with it and taking it for a walk. The more human interaction the pet has, the better adjusted it will be around people. Take your dog out to the park on a regular basis so it can play with other dogs as well.

Talk to the breeder, the vet and other dog lovers for more information. The Internet is a great resource to learn more about dachshunds. Try and


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