How To Care for a Pomeranian

Best known for their incessant shriek-like bark, Pomeranians actually have great qualities when paired with the right owner. This intelligent breed needs a firm owner who doesn’t mind taking charge and training this energetic pup to be the best it can be. If you can follow the steps below, you might be just the owner for a Pomeranian.

Step 1

Enroll your pup in obedience school. A Pomeranian’s bold temperament can make them a difficult breed to train. They need firm training early on to become a disciplined dog. They also tend to be a barking breed and unless you want your neighbors to be upset with you, your Pomeranian will need training in that arena as well!

Step 2

Maintain a diet routine. Pomeranians can have the tendency to become fat if left to graze on food throughout the day. As a puppy, your pet should eat 3 small meals a day, and as an adult two smalls meals should do. Feed them a variety of canned and dry food that has meat as the first ingredient.

Step 3

Maintain regular grooming in order for your Pomeranian’s coat to remain long and brush him every day. Otherwise, his locks will become matted. Bathe your dog once a week and clip his long nails after bathing time.

Step 4

Maintain good oral hygiene. A Pomeranian’s small mouth can be breeding grounds for bacteria. In order to avoid other health issues that stem from poor oral hygiene, make brushing a part of your daily routine.

Step 5

Keep an eye on his eyes. Pomeranians have been known to suffer from eye problems, so keep them clean. Look out for discharge coming from the eyes and make it a habit to clean your pup’s eyes with a washcloth or a cotton ball.

Step 6

Be aware of problems that plague the breed.  Aside from teeth and eye problems, Pomeranians sometimes suffer from knee problems, hair loss and coughing fits. Consult your veterinarian if you notice any of these signs of trouble.

Step 7

Little exercise for little bodies. A Pomeranian’s minimal exercise requirement makes him a great companion for an apartment dweller or someone with very little backyard space. Although they don’t require much, they do enjoy playing with toys and going on short walks. If anything, a walk around the block is great for the socialization benefit.

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