How To Care for a Pug

To some, pug dogs may seem a delicate breed to care for.  While there are a few specifics when it comes to proper pug care, if guidelines are properly followed pugs are an easy pet to care for and fun to own.

The first key to pug care is proper diet and feeding.  As with all dogs, make sure to feed a pug the best quality dog food available.  Cheap dog food can lead to unhealthy and overweight pugs.  Try to find food that has meat listed as its first ingredient.  Dry food is better than wet food since it's better for pugs' teeth, but wet food can be mixed in on occasion.  The most important rule for caring for a pug regarding food is to keep the pug on a strict feeding schedule.  Pugs will eat even when they aren't hungry, so it's the pet owner's job to maintain the pug's eating habits; otherwise, pugs are prone to obesity.

The pug breed has a few issues regarding grooming.  One of the most important rules for pug care is to maintain their face wrinkles.  Pugs spend a large part of their day with their faces mashed into the carpet, food bowl, or anywhere else they don't belong, so the wrinkles can acquire a lot of gook.  Check under the wrinkles daily for build-up and clean out all folds with a wet cotton swab.  Vaseline can also be put between the folds to prevent chafing.

Pugs have narrow ear canals so their ears are prone to infection.  Check the ears regularly and clean them if they are dirty, or if the pug is scratching his ears or shaking his head a lot.  To clean, put a little rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball and clean the parts of the ears you can see.  Never go too deep into the ear or use cotton swabs; this can cause damage to the ear canal.

Pugs nails grow quite rapidly, so make sure to get them clipped regularly.  Overgrown nails can impair your pug's ability to walk.

Pugs don't have the long snout that most dogs have to regulate body temperature.  Because of this they easily overheat; if it's hot they need to have access to water at all times, or must be kept in an air conditioned room.  They also need to be kept warm if it's cold outside.

When caring for a pug they do need exercise, but they can't be overworked.  Because of their short legs and stocky build, a quick trip around the block is all a pug can handle for a daily run.


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