How To Care for an American Bulldog

The American Bulldog comes from the line of the English Bulldog. It is a devoted pet who is loving and fearless.  There are many stories of acts of courage displayed by American Bulldogs in protecting their owners.  Anyone will be lucky to have a canine companion of this breed.

Here are some guidelines in taking care of an American Bulldog:

  1. Feed Bulldog puppies three times a day.  Adults are fed twice daily.  Select high quality dog food that is free from soybeans.  Add cottage cheese to his food to give him a nice, shiny coat.  Never leave the food out the whole day to avoid eating disorders and obesity.  Fresh water should however, be available at all times.   Choose stainless steel bowls over plastic ones for his food and water.
  2. Buy him a collar and a leash to start him off with his leash training.  For starters, choose a lightweight collar and leash working your way up to a stronger, heavier one as he matures.
  3. Provide him with his own crate.  Choose a crate that provides good air circulation.  It has to have comfortable bedding as well as a few chew toys to keep him occupied.  Begin crate training as soon as possible.  You will be able to use the crate as a tool in potty training your dog.
  4. Make basic obedience training part of your dog’s daily activities.  American Bulldogs are intelligent and can easily learn tricks that will wow anyone.
  5. Invest in chew toys.  These will (hopefully) divert his attention from the table leg, your tennis shoes or the morning newspaper.  Select chew toys that are too big for him to choke on.  Never buy plastic toys.  Opt for solid rubber or rope-type of toys.
  6. Groom your Bulldog starting with brushing his hair using a brush made of flexible rubber bristles.  Brush first against the grain then brush with the grain.  This will keep his coat shiny.  Trim his whiskers with a pair of blunt scissors.  Clean his wrinkles with a damp cloth then apply Vaseline to keep them soft.  Give him a bath only when necessary.  Otherwise, wipe him down with a damp towel instead.  Clean the corners of his eyes with a damp cloth and his teeth with a canine toothbrush and toothpaste.  Never insert a cotton swab in his ear.  Instead put a few drops of ear cleaning solution for dogs in his ear and wipe this with a soft cloth or a cotton ball.  Check in between his paws to make sure there are no foreign objects within.  His paw pads should look healthy and wound free.
  7. Take your American Bulldog for regular trips to the park.  He needs his exercise because he will usually be inactive while inside the house.  Trips outside are excellent opportunities for him to socialize with other humans and animals.
  8. Visit the vet regularly to make sure that your American Bulldog is healthy, his weight is just about right and he has no medical disorders that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  Ask the vet about spaying or neutering your Bulldog.

American Bulldogs make great companions even for children.  Just make sure to watch them because they don’t know their own strength.  Taking care of this brave and courageous dog is not difficult.  They require little maintenance compared to breeds with long coats.  These indoor dogs are extremely loyal to their masters. Take care of your American Bulldog and he will surely take good care of you. 


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