How To Care for an American Foxhound

American Foxhounds look like Beagles but are larger.  Taller and lighter than its ancestor the English Foxhound.  This energetic breed hunts foxes and small game animals.

If you are planning to become an owner of an American Foxhound, read on to find out how you should take care of one.

1. Training.  An American Foxhound will require all the basic training to start her off.  This includes potty training, crate training, leash training and basic obedience.  She is a very smart dog that will need the proper guidance to ensure that she does what you expect her to do.  Training her will also keep her behavior in check.

2. Dietary needs.  You have several options on what to feed your Foxhound.  These are:

  • Manufactured dog food formula
  • Organic dog food
  • Homemade dog food

Any of the three choices are acceptable for as long your American Foxhound gets the required combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to keep her healthy and strong.  Foxhounds have a tendency to overeat.  To prevent obesity or other eating disorders, make sure not to leave her food out all day.  But you most certainly must leave a bowl of fresh water out for her.

3. Exercise.  It is not enough for an American Foxhound to be walked around the block once.  She has boundless energy that needs to be exhausted to make her happy.  Bred for hunting, she will need her running space.  Give her more than enough time to zip through the park before you bring her home.  After all, the fastest of the breed of Foxhounds needs to release all her pent up energy.

4. Grooming.  Minimal grooming is needed for American Foxhounds because their coats are short and dense.  Dogs, in general, don’t really need to bathe often.  But they do need to be groomed properly.  Brush her coat to remove dirt and debris.  Clean her teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs.  Check her eyes for any dirt that has accumulated at the corners.  Wipe this with a wet cloth or paper towel.  Clean her ears with an ear cleaning solution for dogs and use a cotton ball, never a cotton swab.  Trim her nails regularly using nail clippers made for dogs.  Check her paw pads as well for signs of wear and tear.  Treat any wounds or sores accordingly.

5. Space.  American Foxhounds are meant to be outdoors.  Make sure you have a large fenced area where she can have room to run around and play.  Provide her also with a sleeping area with a comfortable bed, chew toys and a fresh bowl of water nearby.

6. Veterinary care.  The vet is your partner in ensuring that your American Foxhound stays healthy all her life.  She will need regular vaccinations, prescription for vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as healthy dog visits with your vet. 

American Foxhounds were never bred to become house pets.  They are more attuned to the outdoor lifestyle, living in packs.  Owning an American Foxhound requires a lot of love and commitment if the intention is to keep her as a pet.  It is not difficult to care for this type of dog who is kind, friendly, active, sociable and tolerant.  With the proper care including loads of exercise, you can turn any American Foxhound into a successful pet.


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