How To Care for and Understand Your Dog

Dogs are considered man’s best friend.  They rely on humans for their overall care.  In turn, dogs give their owners unconditional love.  Dogs are fiercely loyal and some have gone as far as saving their humans from dangerous situations.  If you have a dog, she will need nutritious food, clean water, safe and warm shelter, exercise, training, regular medical attention, fun activities and most of all, your love.

Food and water.  Whether you choose commercial, organic or homemade dog food, just make sure that it is appropriate for the age of your dog.  Read the labels of both organic and commercial dog food to ensure that your canine pal receives the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.  Adult dogs are fed twice a day while puppies may need 3 feedings.  Fresh, clean water should be made available to your dog all day or at least just until 1-2 hours before bedtime.  Refresh and replenish her water bowl to make sure that it stays clean.

Shelter.  Introduce your dog to a crate.  Place warm bedding in her crate together with a few chew toys.  You can also give her a day bed where she can take her naps during the day.

Training.  All dogs need training.  Your dog needs to be house trained at a very young age.  This is to ensure that she maintains a regular bathroom schedule.  Next, she should learn how to use and love her crate.  Together with this, train her on how to walk on a leash.  Once she has these basic skills down pat, you can start introducing other commands like stay, sit, down, and many more.  A training schedule will help you organize her training sessions with you.

Exercise and fun activities.  Determine how much exercise your dog’s breed needs.  Some dogs need constant stimulation and strenuous workouts, while others are more laid back.   Dogs are balls of energy, if you don’t let that energy out the right way, you dog may just transfer it to your sofa or favorite pair of tennis shoes.  Give your dog appropriate chew toys for her amusement.

Veterinary care.  Dogs, like humans, need regular medical care.  Your veterinarian is your partner in keeping your furry pal healthy.  Make sure you know your dog’s vaccination schedule.  Never hesitate to bring your dog to the vet when a medical emergency arises.

Understand your dog.  Dogs are not that hard to figure out.  Your dog will develop her own personality and characteristics.  The longer she stays with you, the more that you will be able to decipher her body language.  Her tail will tell you so many things.  When the dog’s tail wags in wide sweeps, it is usually a sign of her friendly nature.  On the other hand, when the tail is stiff and so is her posture she is probably showing aggression at this point.   A frightened dog has her tail tucked in between her legs.  Even your dog’s eyes will convey emotions.  You can tell if she is happy, sick, embarrassed, afraid and hostile by looking into her eyes.  Learn to be sensitive to and understanding of your dog’s behavior so you can take care of her in the best possible way. 

There is no bad dog, only uncaring owners.  The way you treat your dog will determine her personality as well as her overall well-being.  Dogs are loyal animals capable of unconditional love.  Treat her well, take care of her, understand her and love her.  Your canine companion will definitely reciprocate this investment ten-fold!


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