How To Care for Multiple Dogs

If you have recently added a dog to your household which already had one or more dogs, you may be concerned about how to care for multiple dogs.  One key to simplifying the process of caring for multiple dogs is organization. It is important to keep accurate veterinary records on each dog so that you can be certain they are current on the necessary vaccinations required. Keeping a file folder for each dog is very helpful.

If you have multiple dogs in your home, each dog should have its own food bowl.  One water bowl is sufficient if it is large enough to hold the amount of water your dogs require. Be sure to feed each dog a portion of food that is appropriate for its size.  If there is a wide age span between the dogs you may need o feed them different types of food according to the mixture that is best for their age, weight or level of exercise.

When multiple dogs live in the same house they tend to choose their designated personal space for sleeping. You may have a different opinion as to where you want them to sleep.  Train them to sleep where you want them to.  Make sure each dog has a bed to sleep in.  The dogs may decide to share a bed or sleep in different beds but there should be a least one bed or cushion for each dog.

When caring for multiple dogs it is important to respect their different personalities. Some dogs loudly demand attention while others may be more reserved but just as much in need of affection as the other dog. Interact with each dog in the manner that best suits their disposition. Just be certain not to neglect any dog in a multiple dog household.  Have an assortment of toys available for the dogs to play with.  Make sure you have toys for each size of dog. The dogs will enjoy playing games together and with you.

Your dogs will require different levels of grooming unless they all have similar types of hair. Be sure to groom them according to their specific need.  Keep in mind that the time you spend grooming a dog is quality time together where the dog has your undivided attention. If you have a long haired dog and a short haired dog, make sure the one that requires lees grooming doesn't get cheated out of time with you.

Exercise is important to every dog. Make sure you walk each dog daily unless you have a fenced area for them to run and play together. If your dogs are well trained you can purchase a leash that will give you the option of walking multiple dogs at one time.


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