How To Care for Your Chihuahua

Little girl carrying two chihuahuas

All the celebrities seem to have them so why shouldn't you? If you've decided this small breed "purse pooch" is the companion for you, read the steps below to make sure you're caring for your chihuahua properly.


Step 1

Take your chihuahua to a veterinarian for a physical, appropriate vaccinations, flea treatments, etc. Get an identification tag for your chihuahua as well. They are a popular breed and you'd be crushed if you lost yours!

Step 2

Feed your chihuahua 3 small meals a day. Her tummy is very small and can only digest small amounts. Be sure you are feeding her a quality diet that includes meat as the first ingredient in her dog food.

Step 3

If you have a long haired chihuahua, you're going to have to brush her daily. Short haired chihuahuas can be brushed every other day with a grooming glove or a soft bristle brush. Bathe her about once a month, being careful not to get soap in her eyes as chihuahuas have very sensitive eyes. You can clean around her eyes with a moist cloth.

Step 4

There's a reason why you see celebrities carrying their chihuahuas everywhere they go; chihuahuas do not need a lot of exercise. (This is also why they make great pets for apartment dwellers.)  Take your chihuahua for brief walks, using a harness rather than a collar which could be harmful to her delicate neck.

Step 5

There's also a reason why you see these purse pooches wearing clothes; chihuahuas can easily catch a cold in chilly weather or windy air. If you take your chihuahua outside in cold weather, be sure to dress her appropriately in a sweater. 

Step 6

Make sure your pup has a bed with plenty of blankets for snuggling. Chihuahuas like to burrow into their bedding (probably for comfort and body heat!)

Step 7

While chihuahuas are known to wheeze and snore, you need to listen for reverse sneezing, which could be symptoms of a problem with her trachea or palate and for which she would need to see a vet.

Step 8

Enroll your chihuahua in obedience training that focuses on positive reinforcement. Chihuahuas can be stubborn, possessive, barking dogs and are not known for being great with small children. If you enroll her in classes at an early age, you might be able to combat some of these negative behaviors early on.

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