How To Catch a Fruit Bat

Image of fruit bats

Fruit bats only come out at night, and they usually hang hidden behind their wings during the day. Fruit bats are typically seen in forests and forest-like areas. These bats live in a colony or a camp. They live in groups with a ratio of one male fruit bat to eight female fruit bats. If you want to catch a fruit bat, there are several techniques that you can use.

Here are the steps on how you can capture a fruit bat:

  1. Materials. First, gather all the materials that you need in order to capture the fruit bat. You will need a bright flashlight, thick gloves, a net with a wide opening and a towel. Do not attempt to catch a bat without any gloves on. They have a tendency to bite and this can be dangerous as bats have rabies. It is best to be protected so that you are safe when they bite.
  2. Locate the fruit bats. Locate the fruit bats. You can catch fruit bats in the daytime or nighttime. Find the location of the fruit bats in your area. You will be able to find several of them when you stumble upon their habitat. Observe first and strategize your moves so that you will be successful in catching it.
  3. Catching the bat in daylight. When you are ready to catch the bat, get ready with the towel on one hand and the net on the other. Approach the location of the bat carefully so as not to startle it. Now, throw the towel towards the bat but be ready to capture it with the net on your other hand when it attempts to fly away. Now, you have already caught the fruit bat.
  4. Catching the bat at night. It may be easier for you if you try to catch the fruit bat at night. All you have to do is to shine the flashlight directly on the eyes of the bat. When you do this, the bat will freeze up. It will then be easier for you to catch the bat. You do not need to throw the towel on the bat. All you have to do is to carefully use the net and try to coax the bat inside it. Now you have your fruit bat.

These are the simple steps that you have to follow if you want to catch a fruit bat. You might not catch the fruit bat on your first attempt but you can practice so that you can be successful the next time. Remember to be careful and take care of the bat so as not to injure it. These bats are essential as they help in the production of some fruits. If you want to get rid of the fruit bats in your area, just release them to another area when you capture them. You can place them in a cage when you transport them to another location.


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