How To Catch a Runaway Pig

If you work on a farm and have had experience working with pigs, you will notice that they are creatures that are hard to catch. They squeal and run away if you try to catch them. If you let them be, they will most likely wreak havoc in your farm and mess things up. There are some techniques that you can do in order to catch a runaway pig easily. You have to use bait to catch a pig successfully.

Here are some tips on how you can catch a runaway pig:

  1. Materials. There are some things that you can use that will help you catch a runaway pig easier. Some of the materials that you will need in catching a pig are grains or pig food and a strong rope. Make sure that your pig loves the treats that you are going to use as bait. This will make it easier for you to lure the pig.
  2. Locate your pig. Locate the whereabouts of the pig. If you do not know where your pig is, listen carefully for some pig noises and snorts. Also watch out for places where there are pig tracks and you will certainly find the location of your pig easier.
  3. Luring the pig. Now, get ready with your treats. You can lay them on the ground and make a trail towards an enclosed area so that it will be easier for you to capture the pig. Once the pig enters the enclosed area, you can already close the fence to the entrance. Now you have caught you pig.
  4. Catching the pig. If you do not have an enclosed area where you can lure your pig into, you can also catch the pig using the rope. First, feed the pig some treats. While the pig is eating the treats, swiftly get your rope and tie the pig’s feet together. Make sure that you are strong enough to do this as the pig will definitely be struggling when it gets startled. You might want somebody to help you with this. When the pig is securely tied up, you can already transport it to the pig pen.

These are the simple steps on how you can catch a runaway pig. The easiness of catching the pig depends on the size of the pig and on how large the area is where the pig roams around. Get ready to hear some squealing, as pigs do not love to be chased and tied down. It will be better for you if you build a small enclosure so that you can just lure the pig inside the fence and will not have to use some ropes to capture the creature.

To make sure that you pig does not stray away from the pen once again, you have to make sure that you build a sturdy pigpen. It is also important to keep them happy inside the pen so that they will not have to find somewhere else to play or eat.


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