How To Change a Tracking Collar Battery

Tracking collars are tools that are essential for people who hunt with dogs. With continued use, the tracking collar lessens in effectiveness as the power of the battery decreases. Each time you go hunting, it is essential that you change the battery of your tracking collar so that it will work in the best possible way. Different types and models or tracking collars have different batteries, but the way you change them are pretty much the same.

Here are the steps on how you can change the battery of your tracking collar:

Preparation. The materials that you will need for changing your tracking collar’s battery are a screwdriver set and the new battery. If you do not know what type of battery your tracking collar uses, you can consult the manual or you can bring the tracking collar with you when you go to the hardware store and purchase the battery. They will know what type of battery to give you. Get your tracking collar and lay it down on a flat surface.

Remove the old battery. Locate where the battery of the tracking collar is located. Look for the part where there are screws holding the cover of the battery in place. Get the appropriate screwdriver and remove the cover to expose the battery. In some models of tracking collars, you can just simply pop off the cover to get the battery out. When you remove the screws, place them in a small container so that you will not lose them. Now that the batteries are exposed, remove them and set them aside.

Change the battery. The procedure for this part depends on what type of battery your tracking collar uses. Some tracking collars use AA batteries. If you are working with this type of tracking collar, all you have to do is to match up the negative and positive signs on the tracking collar with the ends of the battery. Another type of tracking collar is the one that uses lithium batteries. These lithium batteries look like small coins. For this type of battery, make sure that when you replace them, place the side of the battery that has writing face up.

Put back battery cover. After changing the battery, place the battery cover back on the tracking collar. Screw on the screws tightly so that the battery stays in place. Test to see if the tracking collar works by turning it on. Dispose of the old batteries properly and do not mix them in with your other garbage.

These are the simple steps on how you can change the battery of your tracking collar. The steps are quite simple and easy. You can do this on your own. If you go out on hunting trips regularly, you can stock up on new batteries so that you will not have to go out and buy new ones each time you go hunting. Remember that the effectiveness of your tracking collar is greatly affected by the power of the battery.


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