How To Choose a Family Pet

Pets have a good impact on your family. They give you hours of family bonding time along with teaching your kids some lessons on responsibility along the way. However, getting a family pet may be tricky and at times complicated. To take someone or in this case, something into your family involves responsibilities and money, among others. This guide will help you in choosing a family pet.

  • Type of pet. Although it may be good to choose a family pet on your own, bringing together your family for a meeting and making it a group activity is recommended. Not only will your children be in on what would normally be “adult decisions” but also to give them training for future decision making. Grab a pen and paper and ask them what kind of family pets they want to get. Dogs, cats, rabbits, ponies, and even lions will possibly pop up your list. Let them think about the decisions one by one but without saying “no” outright to the decisions. Come to a consensus on whether a lion can fit into your house and ask them if it was a good choice in the first place. You will probably get a few choices from your list. Now is the time to ask them what of the more feasible pets they want. This can be done through voting or talking about why they like it. This is a good exercise in reasoning for your children while bonding you with them.
  • Allergies. Possibly the worst thing a pet-lover could have, allergies are common in children and although some fade in time, it will break your children’s hearts if you come home with a cute puppy, find out about the allergies, and will have to return it. Get you and your family checked out by your doctor to see if you have allergies to fur, cat litter, dog litter, and dust. Animals in general are freedom loving creatures and will and run around in the dirt, dust, and mud for hours. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, consider getting a hypo-allergenic breed of dogs or cats or other animals or discuss about changing the type of pet and see what you get from there.
  • Buy or adopt? There are generally two ways to get a pet. One is to buy a pet from the pet store or the breeder, and the other is to adopt the pet. Buying a pet has many advantages. For one, if you have allergies, you can easily choose a pet for you. You can name that pet and take him home unlike in adoption homes where most animals already have a name they acknowledge. One problem with buying a pet rather than adopting one is the fact that you’ll have to train the pet. While this may be enjoyable for your family, factor in the amount of free time you can give to training your pet. Toilet training normally takes days and for a generic family of 4, two kids, a mother and a father, there may not be enough time in the week to train your beloved family pet. Also, adoption can be a fulfilling experience as you are saving the animals from being put to sleep after a set number of months.

Remember that you are taking in a life into your family. Like most living creatures, animals need to be fed and cleaned. Make sure you have accessories needed for your pet like bowls and aquariums for fish. We hope you enjoy your chosen family pet!


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