How To Choose a Maltese Puppy

Maltese puppies are not only very cute, but also make for great pets. These dogs are known for their intelligence and their very adorable appearance. If you are planning to take a Maltese as a pet and if you want to begin with a Maltese puppy, you should choose the pups carefully especially since the Maltese can live up to fourteen years – which means that you want a puppy that you will get along with. Here’s how you can find the dog that suits you best.

  1. Behavior. The Maltese puppies will come in a variety of temperaments, and the type of dog that you will choose should be one whose behavior is suited for you. Generally, there are passive Maltese puppies, alpha Maltese puppies, and puppies that are in between. Consider how you plan to rear the puppies, as well as your environment. For instance, very playful alpha male Maltese puppies will need constant interaction which can be difficult to provide if you will not be at home most of the day and if you are living in a small apartment. In this case, a laid back pup is the best way to go, since you will only need to interact with it minimally to keep it happy.
  2. Alpha dogs. There are, however, instances where the alpha dog is the best bet. If you have a household with children who are good with pets, then you can choose an alpha Maltese which will not mind being played with for hours at a time. These are also very energetic and entertaining and are excellent in areas where there is enough space for the dogs to run around in. these types of dogs are usually compatible with pet owners who have active lifestyles.
  3. Passive dogs. Quiet and laid back Maltese puppies, on the other hand, are perfect for small apartments and pet owners who work at the office. You can enjoy playing with the pet after work, without depressing the dog because of lack of interaction throughout the day. These dogs are usually the puppies that stay back at the cage when you visit the breeder where you will get your dog. The alpha dogs, on the other hand, are usually the dogs that will race up front the cage when you arrive. Keep in mind, however, that passive dogs are not meant to be with alpha males, who will steal their food and will not allow the passive dogs to play with the toys.
  4. Intelligence. Another factor that you should consider is the dog’s intelligence. The dog that listens to sounds you make without running away or being intimidated is usually an intelligent dog that is compatible with pet owners who want to teach their pets tricks.

Before getting the Maltese puppies, however, make sure that you spend an hour or so with the pet. This will allow you to get to know the pet better. Some pets may seem active at first, but will eventually get bored with interacting with you once the thrill of the stranger has passed. Some pets will also seem friendly at first but may be easily irritated after a while. Through these steps, you should be able to get a pet that will match your lifestyle.


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