How To Choose a Mustang Horse

When selecting a Mustang horse, there are many attributes that you should consider.  These various characteristics can include gender, age, conformation, temperament, and color.  Mustangs begin as wild horses, so it is important that you choose one that you feel comfortable handling.  Many people prefer weanling, or young mustangs, because at that age they are easier to deal with.  Smaller horses are usually less intimidating and accept training quickly, although that is not always the case. Many experienced individuals feel that the perfect age for adoption is from three to five years old.

Gender is not so much of an issue to most adopters.  Mares (female Mustangs) are often more endearing but have a tendency to mood swings around their heat cycle.  For this reason, geldings or stallions, which are sometimes called studs, are preferred by some.  For the most part, geldings seem to be the most popular choice for most horse owners.

Conformation is also an important characteristic that you must pay attention when choosing a Mustang.  Conformation is defined as how correct a horse's musculature, bone structure, and body proportions are and how they relate to each other.  Bad conformation can severely limit its ability to perform a task.  This is similar to how the NFL Combine is conducted for all incoming players into its professional football league.  They are put through medical examinations and physicals to see if they are fit enough to perform at a very high level. Tips for successfully choosing a Mustang include looking for sturdy legs and feet. Look for good overall structure, which is a sign that the horse will not cost you lots of money in veterinarian bills.  Examine the horse and try to imagine what the horse will look like after a couple of months through good nutrition and care.

Know what you want to do with the horse you choose, whether it be dressage, cutting and reining, carriage, barrel racing or endurance. Dressage horses should be large and elegant.  A large neck and shoulders are important, as well as long legs for an elegant stride.  Cutting and reining horses should have excellent conformation.  Reliability and strength are needed for endurance horses, and they should also have strong feet and legs.

The most important thing adopters must use to choose a Mustang is that gut feeling in your stomach.  Choose a horse that you feel a connection with and one that speaks to you.  After considering all the practical attributes, it is important for you to feel a commitment towards the Mustang, because it will be you who handles the horse.


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