How To Choose a Pet Grooming Service

Like humans, pets need to be groomed. This especially goes for furry and hairy animals, like dogs and cats. These shed skin and dander, which could cause allergies and dust if pets are not groomed regularly. Here are some ways to choose a grooming service for your dog or cat.

What are their services? Most pet grooming services offer the basics. You have bathing, fur trimming, claw clipping and the like. These are usually services that you can do at home, but of course if you want the best for your dog or cat, you can leave it to the pros. Fur trimming is especially necessary if you have a long haired cat or dog, since this prevents matting of their fur. Dental care would prevent painful cavities and other oral health problems. Since most services offer these, the difference here would now be the amount of attention and the quality they give to your pet. What tools do they use? What brand of shampoo do they use?

If you prefer exotic styling, like coloring of fur, or moisturizing, or other such services, then you should select a pet grooming service that offers these rarer offerings.

Appointment and Scheduling Most pet grooming services require you to call in advance for an appointment. You might wish to go for services that don't have very long waiting lists. More established grooming services usually ask you to queue up for weeks at a time. Newer services might not be so filled, so you can just walk in and wait for your pet to be groomed. If you're a regular customer, it makes sense to book in advance, or have a regular booking for grooming.

Location As with any service, location is an important aspect of choosing a grooming service. In the city, you might find several pet grooming service within a few blocks. In the suburbs, or in less populated areas, you might have to go into town to have your pet groomed. In some cases, though, groomers have mobile services, in which they bring their equipment to your home, and your pet will be bathed, trimmed, brushed and pampered in the comfort of your own home.

Are they willing to groom untrained pets? Most groomers would prefer to groom only pets who are trained. And so when booking for an appointment, some actually require proof that your pet has been trained. This is for their safety, as untrained pets might bite and scratch. Otherwise, the grooming service might require you to enrol your pet in their own training sessions for grooming, so your pet will be easy to handle. Be prepared to shoulder the costs for this.

Certification  Before you actually schedule an appointment with the groomers, whether they're in the city, or mobile, it makes sense to check if they have the professional certification and appropriate business licenses. Some amateurs or hobbyists might have enough passion for the craft, though. For instance, your friends and associates who are dog or cat breeders might offer to groom your pet for you. But if you want assurance, go for the pros. But aside from certifications, the more important thing is whether the groomers really care for your pet. Do they treat him with respect and dignity while he is being groomed? Or do they just groom away without regard for whether your pet is happy or not. Some groomers would give your pet treats during or after their session, so they won't fuss too much.

With regular grooming and pampering, your dog, cat or other pet will keep smiling, and will continue to be a good pet. Not only are happy pets great company, it's also good to know that your pet is as clean, good looking and fresh smelling as you are!


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