How To Choose an Acrylic Bird Cage

After all the fun and excitement of picking out a bird to be your pet, the responsibilities you will have to fulfill may be sobering. Aside from the feeding regimen, you will also have to choose a home that will be right for your fine feathered friend. You will encounter a lot of options, and each will have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you’re picking out the acrylic bird cage for your pet.

  • Why choose acrylic? Ideally, bird cages are made of steel or powder-coated metal. However, these materials are expensive, and may not be right for your limited budget. Acrylic bird cages are an option for those without bottomless cash to burn on pet care. They are reliable and are cheaper than their metal counterparts. They are also available in a wide variety of stores, and not just specialty pet shops. You can also find them online, so you’ll never run out of options to choose from. They are a popular choice among bird lovers, especially casual pet owners.

Acrylic bird cages are not without their critics and detractors, however. They are not as sturdy and as stiff as metal bird cages, and thus, some users report that birds are unable to climb on them. This weakness could hinder your bird from getting the right amount of exercise he needs. You will not have a problem with sturdiness, because acrylic has been shown to be a stable material for bird cages.

  • What should you consider when picking out the bird cage? A simple rule of thumb to follow is to get the largest size possible. After factoring in the available space in the room you plan to place your pet in, and considering how much you are willing to spend on a bird cage, you should opt to choose the cage that has the largest space available for your pet bird. Birds are active creatures, and will need a lot of room to fly and to move around. If they keep on bumping into their toys and feed dishes, they won’t get enough exercise, and consequently, their health will suffer and deteriorate.

There are standardized minimum sizes for each variety of bird, and you should research them on the internet, or consult with an expert. A bird’s height and wingspan will affect the minimum dimensions it will need for a decent quality of living, so make sure that your feathered friend has enough room in its home to be comfortable. Place perches and rope toys for your bird to have enough movement. If your bird cage has enough perches and climbing toys, you can negate the acrylic cage’s inability to support the bird’s weight. You should also make sure that the bird cannot fit between the bar spaces.

Picking out a home for your pet can be a stressful experience. However, just keep in mind that you want a place for your animal friend to be comfortable and safe from any harm that might befall it. It is best for you to consult as many reviews as possible, and to look for options both in the market and online.


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