How To Choose an Electric Dog Fence

Good habitats for your pets are those that provide reliable and safe protection and containment. As a pet owner, it is your duty to choose the right model that would perfectly suit your pet without compromising its safety. Dog owners, as an example, must keep their dogs inside the backyard to let them wander freely while inside the property. Hence, building a fence is a good means for pet containment. One of the various types of pet containment is the construction of an electric dog fence. There are several things to consider before you make a purchase of your electric dog fence.

1.    Determine your budget for the materials. A pet containment system is fairly expensive so you must also prepare an extra budget in case of wrong approximations.

2.    Search the Internet or go to a pet store to find package kits of electric dog fence. Choose the deal with services like free installation of the fence wire so that it wouldn’t be a hassle for you to do the installation. However, you can do it on your own by following instructional guides and video manuals that are provided in the package kits.

3.    Check on the materials that are provided in the package kits. The electric fence system usually works with a collar for the dog, a control system, and a wire for the boundary area.

4.    There are a few types of electric fence to choose from. Three of the most common electric fences are the underground fence, instant fencing system, and instant wireless dog fences.

  • Underground fence – With this type of electric dog fence, you will need to dig near your fence where you will put the wire as your boundary area. The fence wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye but it would surely keep your dog inside your backyard. Additionally, wirings won’t disrupt your view.
  • Instant fencing system – This fencing system instantly works just by plugging a cord. There are no poles to set up and wires to bury. This is a conventional dog fence that many dog owners prefer to choose.
  • Instant wireless dog fence – This is an electronic containment system that offers safety and portability. Because it is portable, this type of dog fence is recommended for trips, camping or anywhere outdoors. This is battery operated but can also be used with solar power.

5.    If you have decided what to choose, purchase from a trusted pet store and then install the fence wire. Plug in the control system and put the collar on the dog’s neck. Be familiar with how the system works. If the dog gets near the boundary area, a few warning sound will be produced by the collar. Soon after the warning sound, the dog will receive a soft electrical stimulus that will put the dog away from the boundary.

Keeping your pets safe is one of your obligations as a pet owner. You should be responsible enough to take necessary steps that would not only secure your pet. Hence, you also have to consider your own safety and that of other people in your neighborhood.


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