How to Choose Boy Hamster Names

If you are a parent, you knows that at some point in your child's life, he will look up at you with adoring eyes and say, "I want a pet". Parents usually point out the responsibility of taking care of a pet, and children always respond with promises to do all of the work. After much debate, the parents often give in because after all, having a pet is a part of growing up.

Kids usually want a puppy or a kitten, and parents usually suggest something simple like a guppy. In the compromise, hamsters are often chosen. They take up less space than a dog or cat, but are cuddlier than a fish. Many of these hamsters will be boys, and as a new member of the family, he will need a name. While this can initially be a dilemma, there are many ways to come up with boy hamster names.

  • Use a book of baby names. There are hundreds of common and unique names to choose from. If the lists of choices are too overwhelming, you can limit your search to names starting with a specific letter, like the initial of your child's first name.
  • Choose a name that describes a characteristic of your new pet. Look at his coloring, size, the shape of his body, the way he eats, and how he runs. Is he dark like "Midnight", or chocolate in color like, a "Brownie"? Is he big like "Andre the giant" or small like "Tiny Tim". Is he fast on his paws like a "Speed Demon" or slow like an "Old Timer"? Observing your hamster in his environment will give you lots of options.
  • Name your hamster after a television, movie, or book character. Does your child have a favorite super hero or cartoon character? This could be a perfect name for his new little friend. Have your child look through his favorite books, or television shows for ideas.
  • Make it a family decision. Have everyone in the family contribute a name idea, and then take a vote. Or, make a master list of names that everyone helps to create, narrow the list down to 4-5, put those ideas in a hat, and pick one.

There are many ways to come up with boy hamster names, and if your family has trouble choosing just one, there are no rules that say a hamster can't have a middle name too.


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