How To Choose Dog Treats for Training Purposes

It is very important for any dog owner to give his pooch the basic training such as sit, stand and stay. This can be a difficult process, however, there is a way for you to make things a bit easier. Giving your pet dog treats is a great motivational tool. It can be used as a reward after he has followed your instructions. Match it together with a loving pat and a warm verbal praise, you will be surprised how they are willing to do just about anything for you. This is why having a dog is truly a rewarding experience. There are a wide variety of dog treats to choose from. It differs in flavor, size, color and texture. To learn more about how to choose the ideal dog treats for training purposes, here are some very helpful and easy tips that you can consider.

  1. The most important thing that you need to consider when shopping for dog treats is that it should taste delicious and wonderfully yummy!  It should be something that your dog absolutely loves to the point where in your pet will do just about anything to get it.
  2. It is very important that you choose dog treats that are small and very easy to swallow. It should be something that requires minimal chewing, so that your dog will not get distracted while in training.
  3. It is highly advisable that you buy dog treats in different shapes, sizes and tastes. This will prevent your pooch from getting tired of the same old treat. Remember, this is a motivation. So make sure you keep your pet enticed and excited with the reward that he is going to receive after they have obediently followed your instructions.
  4. For cheaper treats, you can use hot dogs, bacon and cheese. All you have to do is to cut them up into small bits. For hot dogs and bacon, fry them all up in the microwave for a more crunchy treat. Chicken and turkey meat are healthy choices too. Just remember to cut them all into bite size pieces.
  5. Use treats that are very tasty. It should be something that your dog can only get during training sessions. This way, your pet will get more motivated than ever. Eventually, your dog will look forward to participating in training classes.
  6. Choose a treat that is easy to notice. For example, if your training floor is dark, make sure you choose dog treats that have the opposite color. It should have a lighter shade. This is so when you start throwing away treats for your dog to catch, it would be easy for them to see it. If your dog has a hard time seeing it, he will try to look for it and that can cause a distraction.

These are the factors that you need to consider in order for you to get the perfect dog treat for training purposes. This is easy, effective and very healthy for your dog. Good luck and do not forget to have fun! 


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