How To Choose Ideal Pet Products

If you're a serious animal lover, you probably treat your pets like family members. You can really bond with your dog, cat, or any other pet for years, and the bond between pet and person can be really strong. You probably treat your dog, cat or fish like your child or sibling. Just as you want the best for your own kids, you should also choose the best for your pets.

There are a multitude of brands and kinds of pet products out there and these may not always be the same. Here are a few tips on choosing ideal tools and products for feeding, grooming, transportation and entertainment. Let's focus on furry house pets like cats and dogs.

  • Food and feeding Just like humans, pets need good nutrition to be healthy. While most pooches and kitties would be all right with eating just about anything from their food bowl or plate, you must give consideration to the age, breed and other conditions of your pet. For instance, you might find dry dog or cat food to be easy to store and not so messy to clean up. However, wet foods have less artificial flavoring, and are more easily digested. These also help prevent dehydration.

You should also make sure that your pet dog or cat has adequate water. There are some water dispensers meant for easy access by pets, or for timed-release, so your furry friend doesn't run out of water while you're away at work. You won't have to worry about water spilling, as is possible when you just leave water in his bowl all day. For elderly cats or dogs that might have difficulty stooping down, there are elevated bowls and water dispensers, so they can drink in a more comfortable position.

  • Grooming  Sure, cats lick themselves to groom and clean their fur, but you should also help prevent hairballs by brushing off excess fur with a brush. Choose a brush that has fine, but flexible teeth. As for claws, it's necessary to trim dogs' and cats' nails, especially when they live indoors. Don't use human nail clippers for this purpose, as these would cause dog or cat claws to crack. Instead, use guillotine-type clippers meant especially for trimming pet claws, for a swift, clean cut. Be sure not to cut beyond the area where soft tissue still grows.
  • Traveling equipment  It's best to transport your dog or cat inside a properly sized dog or cat carrier. For instance, when traveling in a plane, airlines usually only allow small dogs and cats inside the cabin, if at all. Otherwise, they have to stay in the luggage area. Choose a carrier high enough for your dog or cat to stand up, and wide enough for him to walk around in.
  • Entertainment  Dogs and cats need exercise and recreation. Just like kids, you need to play with your fluffy, furry friend. For dogs, choose chewable toys that will not disintegrate and cause choking. Hard plastic Frisbees and small balls would do well. For cats, meanwhile, a wooden scratching post would be helpful in preventing kitty from scratching your sofa or dining table instead.

A happy pet is a good pet. Remember to take care of your pet really well by giving him lots of attention and only the best pet products. You'll be sure to enjoy years of companionship.


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