How To Clean Up Dog Urine

Anyone who has a dog for a pet knows that her dog is bound to have an accident one day. It is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. It is important to act quickly when you have to clean up dog urine. The sooner you are able to clean up the mess, the less likely it is you will find the stain has set; and, overall, the cleanup will be easier.

The minute you notice that there is dog urine, you should get an old towel or a few paper towels to soak up the urine.  Make sure to blot the stained area, because rubbing could cause the urine to spread or damage the carpet’s fibers. The next step is to dilute the dog urine by cleaning the spot with at least seven ounces of water. Once you pour the water on the spot, use a towel or more paper towels to blot the area until the towel or paper towels no longer come away with yellow coloring on the surface. If you have club soda available, this is also perfect to rinse the area; then use a towel to blot it up as described above. Next, apply an enzymatic cleaner and use a soft scrubbing brush to clean the area. Some cleaners contain enzymes or bacteria that absorb pet mess.

Make sure to absorb any excess liquid. Soak up as much as you can with a clean towel, but have patience because the area can take up to six hours to completely dry. You can use a vacuum to help speed up the process. Be careful to thoroughly dry the area to avoid mildew. Afterward, you should use an odor neutralizer. You can use baking soda as a deodorizer and odor neutralizer. Make sure to let it sit on the area a couple of hours before removing it with a vacuum.

Remember: do not use ammonia because it smells somewhat like urine to other animals, and your dog may be tempted to mark the spot again. You should also make sure the area is well cleaned and deodorized, since animals can identify the marking of another animal. If another animal smells the dog urine, it may try to mark over it. It is best to use nontoxic products designed for pet messes because they are more effective and safer for homes with animals. Be sure to follow directions and use cleaning products properly to prevent carpet and upholstery damage.


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