How To Control your Dog Around Visitors

Controlling your dog around visitors can be a major problem if your dog gets too excited and starts barking, jumping and making a lot of noise and commotion. An unruly dog when visitors are around gives the impression that the dog is untrained which reflects badly you as the owner. With a bit more training and a few precautions before having visitors over, your dog can behave around visitors.

Below are a few steps to control your dog around visitors.

  • Know your dog. You need to know if your dog is friendly around strangers or not. Sometimes, a dog has personality preferences when it comes to dealing with people. Some dogs feel safe around a calm person and some dogs find that calm people give them a chance to show dominance and aggression. If you know your dog, you can anticipate how he would react to certain people you have over at your house.
  • Consult a dog behaviorist/dog trainer. Dog behaviorists and trainers would know best about how to get your dog used to having visitors over. Dog behaviorists and dog trainers can give you tips and training advice on how to control your dog around visitors or train your dog for a fee. Look for dog behaviorists or trainers near you so you can take your dog for training on a consistent schedule.
  • Separate the dog. If you have visitors over, place your dog in one room or area in your home where visitors will not see your dog. Sensing other people coming into your house is unavoidable for your dog, so you might find that your dog will get excited while your visitors are coming in but after a while, his excitement will subside. Make sure the room is secure from any damage as your dog might start destroying things when he gets bored. Keep your dog’s favorite toy in the room used to separate him from the guests to keep your dog preoccupied while your guests are over.
  • Leash your dog. Leashing your dog is the easiest way to control your dog while visitors are around. Secure one end of the leash to a steady post or wall to avoid your dog from escaping or destroying where you attach the leash. Keep your dog preoccupied with his favorite toy to ensure that he does not get bored or agitated easily. Provide water for your dog to keep him from bothering you while you attend to your visitors.
  • Get your visitors to act accordingly. Teach your visitors not to make any sudden movements around a dog when the dog is around to make sure that the dog feels safe. Tell them not to make eye contact and approach the dog calmly and in an arched posture for your dog to feel safe with the approaching guest.

Following the tips above helps you control your dog when you have visitors over at your home. Consult a dog behaviorist or a dog trainer, separate the dog from the visitors or keep him on a leash if necessary, and teach your visitors how to behave when interacting with your dog.


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