How To Convince Your Parents to Adopt a Puppy

Finally, You Can Get Your Way

Are you frustrated that your parents aren’t listening to your requests to adopt a puppy? They are probably concerned that you’ll lose interest in the puppy and they will end up being the ones to care for him.  Follow these steps to show your parents that you’re serious.

Step 1

Owning and caring for a puppy takes a lot of responsibility. If you’re having a hard time keeping up with your current responsibilities, your parents aren’t likely to trust you with the life of a dog. Start making your bed, cleaning your room, taking out the trash, etc. Do your chores without being asked.

Step 2

If you are going to prove to your parents that you can handle a puppy, you better start reading and researching the internet about how to care for a puppy. When having a casual conversation with your parents, try to slip your knowledge into the conversation. “Mom, can you pass the butter? Did you know that puppies can be crate trained in just a few days?”

Step 3

Crack open your piggy bank. It is not cheap to own a dog and you need to show your parents that you are willing to help share the cost.  It might be a good idea to buy a leash and a collar and some food dishes to prove to your parents that you are serious about wanting a dog.

Step 4

Borrow a dog from a friend or neighbor and doggy-sit for the weekend. Demonstrate how you would care for your dog, making sure the dog always has clean food and water and lots of attention while you are watching him. Take him for daily walks and spend a lot of time playing with him.

Step 5

Create a contract detailing what responsibilities you are willing to take on with the new dog. If you are willing to feed and water the pet, plus be the family pooper scooper, your parents might see that you are mature enough to care for a pet. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep! If you say you are going to walk the dog 4-5 days a week, be prepared to keep that promise.

Sit back and be patient. Let your hard work and persuasion sink in with your parents and don’t whine, complain or nag while you wait for them to make their decision.

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