How To Cure a Dog's Ear Mites

If you’ve noticed your dog acting strangely, scratching aggressively at his ear, whimpering and rolling over on the ground or other rough surfaces, your beloved pet may be suffering from an infestation of ear mites. You can investigate further by directly examining the ear of your dog: you may see it inflamed and reddened from the both the irritation from the ear mites and all the scratching your pet has been doing. There may be specks of black and increased production of earwax. In more extreme cases that have been left untreated, the infection may even reach until middle ear, leading to deafness and problems in balance. This is why constant vigilance and early treatment are essential for the treatment of this condition. Here are some remedies available for ridding your dog of its infestation.

  • Prevention is the best form of cure. Your pet should have a regular bathing schedule, and cleaning should not be limited to the fur coat. The ears should be cleaned as well. You don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive soap specifically designed for the ears: just rub the insides of the ears with soap free but damp towel to get all the dirt out. You shouldn’t be too rough or aggressive when doing this, because abrasions on the sensitive skin of the dog’s ear can predispose to other infection.
  • Always begin by cleaning out the ear of excess wax, dirt and any other particulate material trapped inside the ear canal. Make sure you wash your hands before and after the cleaning, and it is preferable that you use latex gloves to prevent acquiring or worsening the infections. Get a syringe (remove the sharp needle beforehand) or eyedropper and place several drops of vegetable oil into the ear canal. Three to five drops should be sufficient. Gently massage the dog’s ears to ensure maximum penetration. Clean afterward by soaking up the oil with cotton balls. Avoid using cotton buds since these may further push in the dirt and mites deeper into the ear canal.
  • There are many preparations that can get rid of ticks and fleas. These may be more expensive and most dog-owners might be tempted to scrimp on things like these, but do not be one of them! Buying these products is an investment that rids your dog of the parasites that pose a direct danger not only to your pet’s health, but also to yours and your family’s. Make sure you treat your dog and rid him of all parasites at least once a month. Keeping your dog infestation free will not only improve his health, but it will also improve his mood and allow him to live a longer and fuller life.
  • Keep your dog in the peak of health by giving him a good, balanced diet. Poorly nourished and poorly taken care of dogs are those that are at greatest risk for suffering an infestation of parasites. These buggers are opportunistic critters that target those with other illnesses, so keep your dog parasite-free by keeping him disease free.

Severe mite infections are a sign of poor care of the pet. It is not impossible to rid your dog of his mite infestation, so do all the possible efforts to keep him healthy. Do not be afraid to consult a professional if you have any questions regarding the proper care. If you are unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to bring your dog to the veterinarian.


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