How To Cure your Dog's Bad Breath

Here’s a quick question: would you still love your dog even if he has bad breath? Stinky doggy breath is very hard to put up with, and the most loving dog owners will definitely think twice before giving their (literally) foul-mouthed pooch some smooch. The good news is, bad breath in pets need not be something you have to live with. Here are some of the ways that you could cure your dog’s bad breath:

  • Inspect your dog’s diet. The root cause of your dog’s problem may simply be the food that he eats. Try to change his brand of dog food; invest in top quality ones (remember that when it comes to dog foods, it really pays to buy the reputable brands). You may also want to switch your dog to a dry food diet, as this will result in less particles of food stuck in between his teeth and therefore less dental problems. Also, never feed your dog human food; not only will this increase his chances of getting bad breath, it’s just downright not healthy for him.
    Another thing to watch out for are the non-food items that your dog might be putting inside his mouth – such as fecal matter and garbage. Keep an eye out for him during the times that you usually let him have some alone-time to play or explore, and start disciplining him about the things that he should and shouldn’t eat.
  • Maintain your dog’s teeth. It’s sad to know that many pet owners neglect the dental hygiene of their dogs. Imagine going for weeks without brushing; how stinky will your breath become – not to mention dirty and bacteria- and plaque-laden? The same thing is true for dogs, whose teeth are surprisingly similar to humans. They are also prone to dental diseases such as gingivitis and cavities, and it is simply the duty of every dog owner to brush the teeth of their dogs regularly –at least twice a week. There are brands of dog toothbrushes and toothpastes available (don’t use human toothpaste with dogs). Ask your dog’s veterinarian for the correct procedure for brushing his teeth; the vet may also need to eliminate tartar and plaque buildup. 
  • Give him doggy treats that combat bad breath. There are commercially available doggy treats that are specially formulated to fight stinky breath in dogs. Some of these are also designed to promote doggy dental health. Apart from doggy treats, there are also some variants that come in the form of mouthwash safe for doggies to use. Ask your veterinarian for his recommendations.

Remember, keeping your dog’s breath fresh (at least relatively so) will take just minimal effort from you. The best way is always prevention, by keeping your dog’s teeth clean and hygienic. As you care for your pet’s hygiene and overall well-being, you’d find that his breath will naturally get more pleasant as a result. Isn’t all this effort worth the fact that you could let your doggy slobber all over your face again? Sweet!


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