How To Do Clicker Training for Dogs

Sometimes it’s nice to be like Adam Sandler who can turn back time and do all the commands in his movie Click with a remote control. But then, this is not possible for humans. And we can only laugh at the numerous disasters that could have happened if it were possible in reality. 

But for your favorite dog, man’s best friend, clicker training is actually possible. You may not have the pleasure of opening doors, especially when you are occupied with stuff to do in your home, but you can definitely train your dog through clicker training to be your personalized door opener. And that is even better and far more pleasurable for most guests than automated door openers. Administering autoclick training for dogs is not that, easy but it’s doable. The thing about dog training is that you need to have lots of patience and determination. You might need to wait for a considerable amount of time before your training efforts for the dog bears its fruit. But like most animal trainers, you will find that it’s really worth all that hard work.

  1. Practice with your dog in a relatively quiet place. It will be best if you do the first sessions in a relatively quiet area so that your dog will not be confused. Eventually, your conditioning efforts will still be heard even under more noisy circumstances. Just make sure that the commands get deeply ingrained in your dog before you test it under a noisier environment.
  2. Organize a training program and adapt training levels. It is best to divide the training into chunks, depending on the specific goals that you have. If you want to really excel at this, make sure that you are able to consult with other dog trainers and see if you are doing a realistic plan in clicker training your dog.
  3. Start with basic commands. Basic commands are necessary. This training for your dog is not like kings of chaos clickers that adapt to complicated human gamers. Start with basic blocks of knowledge and conditioning and work your way to other tricks from there.
  4. Use a uniform clicker. It will be more viable if you use the same type and brand of clicker for your dog from training onwards. Because you will be conditioning your dog accordingly, other types may pose confusion for your dog. Just to be on the safe side, use the same type of clicker at every instance.
  5. Capitalize on your dog's favorite treats. If your dog has favorite treats, use that accordingly so that you will gain better ground in training it to do specific things at certain clicks.
  6. Try a training center for dogs, if all else fails. The Karen Pryor Clicker Training for Dogs offers a good advantage for most dog owners. It is already pre-built and ready for implementation. You will also be able to acquire a lot of sound advice from people who have done the same by means of forum discussions, blogs and many other online resources.


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