How To Dog-Proof a Litter Box

For some dogs, cat poop in a litter box can be a tasty morsel they cannot resist. As cats are carnivorous, they have more protein in their food. The smell of post-digested morsels is surely tempting to dogs. To ensure that your dog does not get into the habit of foraging the litter box and eating cat poop, you can dog-proof your litter box.

  1. Restrict your dog’s access to the cat’s litter box by placing it behind close doors and providing a small opening cut at the bottom of the door to allow the cat to enter and leave but small enough to deter the dog from poking his head through the opening.
  2. Get a litter box that has a small opening to deter a curious dog. The cat can get into the litter box by climbing a staircase and through an opening on top and the litter box at the bottom.
  3. There are specially-designed litter boxes that have two layers. The cat has to enter through the opening on the top layer and descend to the lower layer where the litter box is located.
  4. Take advantage of the ability of a cat to climb. If you have smaller dogs place the litter box high up on a table or counter which the small dogs cannot reach. Your beloved feline can easily get access to the litter box even if it placed at a high stand.
  5. Use a baby gate to isolate the litter box and deter the dog from reaching it. Make sure that the baby gate is high enough so that your dog cannot jump over it.
  6. There are also special attachments that you can add to the litter box. One is a tunnel that is long enough and small enough for the dog’s head to fit in. This will effectively prevent the dog from reaching the contents of the litter box.
  7. Get a self-cleaning litter box. The device can remove the cat poop before the dog has the chance to get to it.
  8. Use a closet that has space to put the litter box on the floor. Make sure that it is all right to leave the door of the closet slightly ajar. The opening should only be large enough for the cat to enter and exit. Fix the door so that your dog cannot push it open. Use a rubber door stop is the closet door reaches the floor. You can also use a hook and eye long enough to keep the door ajar to allow the cat entry and to keep the closet door stationary.
  9. Keep the litter box clean. Remove cat poop as soon as you can to ensure that the temptation for your dog is removed. This will also prevent other insects from invading the litter box and spreading the odor inside the closet.
  10. Make a covering for the litter box. Construct a small shed with four sides closed. Cut small holes along the top to provide ventilation. Cut a round entrance on one side. Make sure that it is large enough for the cat to easily get in and out but not large enough for the dog’s head to slip through and reach the litter box. Construct it with some heavy material that will make it difficult for the dog to topple over. You can also make a trap door instead of cutting a round opening on one side of the shed. Make sure it is deep enough to provide your cat with some room to move.

Buying a litter box and dog-proofing entails additional expense. Before you go out and buy a litter box, make sure that your feline friend will definitely use it. Do a trial run with an aluminum tray filled with sand and place it at the bottom of a big box. If your cat is willing to use it, then you can surely get her a litter box.


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