How To Dry Shampoo Your Dog

Some dogs really don’t like taking a bath. Some abhor bathing so much that they turn and run when it seems that a wet bath is around the corner. Obviously, you can’t let this slide and you will need to force them to get a bath. However, since they hate it so much, they will really make it difficult for you to give them a bath. For dog owners that encounter this difficulty every time, there is a way to clean and deodorize your dog without having to give them a wet bath. A dry bath where dry shampoo is applied could be the next best thing to wet bath. In fact, some dogs that hate wet baths love the grooming effect that comes with dry shampoo. Here are some facts about dry shampoo and how to apply it to your furry little friend.

Purchase a dry shampoo. There are many effective commercial dry shampoos out in the market that you can look into. These dry shampoos come in powder form and normally consist of talc, cornstarch, boric acid, and baking soda. These products are not expensive however you may want to check with your vet on the best brand to use for your dog. Some brands may really cost a lot so be wary. You can purchase a good dry shampoo that is cheap. Some home-made dry shampoos can be effective as well.

Create your dry shampoo. If you want to save some money, you might as well make your own dry shampoo. Before proceeding with it, make sure to consult your vet to see if your dog has certain allergies to the ingredients you plan on using. Anyway, to start making your own dry shampoo, you will need cornstarch, baking soda, talc or baby powder, and salt. Mix 2 cups of combine cornstarch and talc with half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of table salt. Make sure to mix the ingredients well. The baking soda will counteract the dog’s odor while the cornstarch and baby powder will provide a silky coat while absorbing any excess oils on their fur and skin. Place the mixture in a bottle or bowl.

Apply the dry shampoo
. Whether you purchased or made your dry shampoo, the application is the same. Sprinkle the dry shampoo all over the dog’s coat. Make sure to leave the nose and eyes out of the equation as a sprinkle here and there can irritate these senses. Don’t be stingy and keep sprinkling a heavy layer all over. Spread and massage the powder into the dog’s coat and include the belly in the mixture. Make sure to rub it deep so that the hide or skin will be treated with the powder.

Comb or brush the powder out. After letting the shampoo sit for about 10 minutes, get a clean towel and wipe away any excess powder. When that is done, get a comb or a brush and groom your dog. The combing or brushing action will feel heavenly for the dog and will remove the powder deep within as well.

Once you finish grooming and removing the dry shampoo, start sniffing around you should smell only a sweet scent and not the pungent aroma that you are used to. Your dog is now fresh and clean. Make sure to use dry shampoo only in between baths. Regular baths should still be required for your dog’s hygiene.


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