How To Estimate the Number of Puppies Your Dog Will Have

When you are breeding your dog, you naturally want to estimate the number of puppies it will have. Firstly, by knowing how many puppies your dog will have, you will be able to determine if it needs to go through a C-section or normal delivery. Understandably, if your dog is going to have more puppies, a C-section is advisable for its own safety as well as that of its litter. Secondly, if you have pre-determined how many puppies your dog is going to have, you will be able to allocate the puppies to friends to whom you promised to give one.

Here are ways on how to estimate the number of puppies your dog will have:

  1. On the third or fourth week of your dog’s gestation, visit the veterinarian. Tell him about your concern of wanting to estimate how many puppies your dog is going to have. He will then subject your dog to complete ultrasound of the abdomen. The ultrasound will show how many heartbeats there are in the womb, indicating how many fetuses are inside.
  2. Feel your dog’s tummy with your own hands. To be able to determine the number of puppies inside, your dog must be around five weeks pregnant. At this point in the pregnancy, the puppies are almost at full term and it will be easy to feel the figures in the womb. To feel the puppies inside, gently run your hand under your dog’s abdomen while it is standing. To make sure that palpating your dog for puppies is done the right way, ask a veterinarian to do it. Do not allow anyone to palpate your dog nor should you constantly do it on your own. The last thing you want to happen is for the puppies to get hurt inside. Also, if you decide to do the palpating yourself, make sure your dog is in a good mood. Most dogs become fierce during conception. Even if you are the master, you might provoke it and you know the consequence when a dog is provoked. So be careful.
  3. Subject your dog to an X-ray procedure. Aside from the ultrasound, X-ray method is also a reliable and accurate means of determining how many puppies your dog is expecting. On the X-ray image, you will see each puppy’s head and bone structures. This is also a good way of seeing beforehand if any of the puppies have deformities or abnormalities. The sizes of the puppies will also be estimated through the X-ray machine, so it will also help you decide if your dog needs to undergo C-section. Be cautioned however that X-ray procedures emit radiation. Hence try not to subject your dog under this method each time it gets pregnant.
  4. Base your calculation of how many puppies are to be expected on your dog’s own history. If it is your dog’s second or third time to give birth you can more or less determine the number of puppies it will have for each pregnancy.

Having an expectant dog is so fun and exciting. However if you want your dog to stay longer with you, try to limit the number of breeding times. Take note that the health of your dog is very essential and though new puppies can give you much delight, the life of your dog is much more important.


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