How To Evaluate a Pet Hotel

Pet hotels offer a wide variety of services for your pets. This is ideal if you need to go on vacation and have no one to leave your pet with. The pet hotels offer comfort for your pet, and they will also provide you assurance that your pet will be safe while you are away. Pet hotels also offer grooming and dog training services. However, to be able to evaluate a suitable pet hotel, you need to assess your pet's needs. Here are some things you need to know when choosing a pet hotel.

  • Know your pet. It is best to plan ahead of time and list the services that your pet might need during its stay in the pet hotel. Keep in mind that the regular services offered as part of boarding are meals and treats, playtime, and some toys. Therefore, you may not need to pack a supply of food, unless you have a special diet for your pet. You may discuss this with the pet hotel agent. Special requests might be possible.
  • If your pet is under medication, you need to pack the medicines properly, and prepare specific instructions so your pet will be given his medication on schedule.
  • Pet hotels also offer grooming and spa treatments. If you wish to make the stay more relaxing, you may avail yourself of these services. If you want to have your pet trained, training services are also offered for dogs and cats. This training involves basic commands that will be helpful in facilitating communication between you and your pet. Remember, different services may not be included in the basic boarding rates, so it's best to set aside a specific budget for each.
  • Make a list, classify which services are your priorities. This list will help you in evaluating the best pet hotel for your pet.
  • Choose at least 3 pet hotels near your area. In evaluating a pet hotel, it is important for it to be accessible to you. Check the pet hotels near your area and, based on your list, identify which of these offer the services that your pet needs. However, if there are no pet hotels available, you may check for other options online. Some of the pet hotels offer pick-up and delivery services limited to specific locations. This option, though it might cost a few more dollars, will be more convenient for you.
  • Compare the rates, services and reviews. You need to make initial contact with the pet hotel to be able to assess and compare the rates and services of each. This way, you will evaluate which of the hotels provides the best overall package, with respect to price. You may also need to do a little research with regard to the pet hotel's reviews online to ensure the quality of service each offers.

Pet hotels can be one of the best gifts you can give to your pet. This is a fun and relaxing experience for them. So, if you are planning for a vacation, plan a special vacation for your pet as well. Just like you, they need to be pampered.


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