How To Exercise a Dog

Exercise is as important for your dog's well being and health as it is for your own.  Exercising your dog regularly can help him stay relaxed, healthy and keep him from destroying your house.  Here are a few easy ways to get your dog active and keep him out of trouble.

The easiest way to exercise your dog is to take him for a walk.  Ideally, you should walk your dog three times a day. One short walks in the morning and in the evening, with one longer walk during the afternoon.  In this hectic world, though, this is not always possible. Try to get your dog out of the house at least once a day, and if this is the only walk your dog can get in a day, try to make it a little longer.

Another great idea is fetch.  Find a large open space and bring whichever toy your dog likes to play with the most, whether it is a ball or a Frisbee.  If you have enough room you can even try a tennis ball thrower.  You'll be amazed how far you can fling the ball and how fast your dog will be worn out.  Your dog will be off the leash for this exercise, so make sure that if there are other dogs around that your dog is comfortable with this.  If you have a dog that doesn't play well with others, then work on their socialization first before you play with them off the leash.

On rainy days when you are stuck inside it is even more important to give your dog proper exercise.  A dog stuck inside all day will get restless and have a tendency to bark more and get into trouble.  One simple idea is to play fetch up and down the stairs.  Another is to teach a dog a new trick.  This one will not only challenge your dog physically, but mentally as well.  Try playing tug of war too.  This will not only entertain your dog, but also your kids who are probably trapped inside as well! Get the whole family involved.  A happy pet is one who not only gets the physical exertion it needs it will, most importantly, get the love it needs as well.


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