How To Exercise Your Dog in the Winter

Even dogs need exercise, and everybody knows this. Going for your daily walk in the neighborhood can be disrupted by the winter season. It is just too cold for your dog to be prancing around in snow. You can find some tips here on how to exercise your dog in the winter.

  1. Playing go fetch will probably never go old for dogs. However this time you would just have to do it inside the house. If you have a covered court then you are one of the lucky few. You can spend half an hour just playing this game.
  2. If you have stairs then this involves dogs that are quick on their feet. You call your dog’s name and ask him to run after you. Once he does, give him a treat afterwards. It usually works. It does involve you getting a bit of exercise too.
  3. If you have the budget for it you can purchase a dog treadmill. You have to consider safety and flexibility and see if it will match your dog’s personality. It is a bit pricey though it starts at around $300 up to $3,000 depending on the make.
  4. You can also hide objects and ask your pet to find it. This takes a bit of time but you need to show the object to your dog and act as if you are trying to find it. It will make him do the same in the future as well.
  5. Play hide-and-seek with your dog. Hide in the house and call his name over and over till he locates you.
  6. Teach your dogs new tricks and do it repeatedly, like lying down and rolling over. This can count as exercise.
  7. Get a dog exercise ball and teach your dog to balance on it.
  8. Go to a mall or a space with a covered sidewalk, it would be best if your dog is properly trained. Walk around the place and you can get him enough exercise.
  9. There should be a pet day care near your area. You can leave your dog with them and leave instructions that you want him to get at least half an hour’s exercise.
  10. Create an indoor obstacle course for your dog. It might be a bit messy but if you have the space for it then you can keep it till winter is over. Use old drawers, old tables and chairs, a hollowed out old pail or old pillows. Make it fun and colorful for him by putting interesting photos or objects that stick out from the whole set up. Your dog will get enough exercise without hesitation.
  11. If you think you are up for it, you can take your dog for a walk in the winter. Just wear heavy and warm clothing. Dress up your pet too if you think he won’t be able to take the cold. Just make sure that he would be immediately looked after and the heater would be on when you get back.

A good and fun exercise can get your dog’s tongue wagging. Indoor exercise may not be the same as walking outdoors but it can bring almost the same benefits. Purchasing pet equipments is your prerogative but a lot of dog owners just choose to exercise their dogs indoors during winter.


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