How To Find an Animal Adoption Agency

Sadly, each year many animals are abused and rescued while some are just neglected by their owners. Most of these animals are taken to an animal adoption agency. If you are looking for an animal adoption agency, then you are probably doing this for two reasons. First, you want a more humane way to let go of your beloved pet. Second, you want to give a new pet a loving home.

Whatever your reason is, you surely can find the answer in an animal adoption agency. Here are the ways you can find the perfect agency to surrender or adopt a pet:

  1. Check your local phone directories for some animal adoption agencies. Most states have a rescue center or an animal adoption agency. Simply contact them through the phone or go directly to their office. The best thing about finding a local animal adoption agency is that transaction can be faster since the agency is just within your locality.
  2. Search online. Finding a local animal adoption agency is the best but if you cannot, just search for an agency online. Here are some sites worth browsing:
  • The Animal Adoption Agency. If you are located in Sydney, Australia, then this site will surely be a big help. This is an organization run by a married coupe who loves animals. Rooted from this love, this agency was created to give a temporary shelter for animals that were rescued or surrendered by their owners. They take time finding the perfect new owner for animals in their agency.
  • Animal Care & Control of New York City. This non-profit organization is the largest pet agency in Northeast America. Every year, this agency rescues about 43,000 animals. They take care of sheltering, rescuing, and caring for the abandoned and homeless animals. They also find loving owners for these pets.
  • Adopt a Pet. This website is not actually an animal adoption agency; it is more like a portal for shelters, animal adoption agencies, humane societies, and even pet rescue groups to advertise about homeless pets. This way, Adopt a Pet believes that they can help find a caring home for abandoned animals. If you are looking for a pet to adopt, this is the perfect site to visit.
  • Stray from the Heart. Unlike other websites, this animal adoption agency is more focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and placing abandoned and homeless dogs. If you are surrendering a dog or are planning to adopt a dog, then this is a great website to check out. This will make your search faster with its limited scope.
  • Rosie Animal Adoption. This is also a non-profit organization that takes care of animals that were rescued from abuse or were unwanted by their owners. The most interesting part is that the organization's name, “Rosie” is inspired by their mascot, Rosie. She is a dog that was rescued when she was just two months old and has a pierced eye. Through the organization's efforts, she is now a happy eight-year-old dog.
  • Animal Shelter. This is a US-based animal adoption agency that gives temporary shelters for rescued animals in the country. You can easily find the animal you want to adopt in this website with their large database, allowing you to search depending on the animal type, location, gender, size, and breed.

You should now be able to find the perfect animal adoption agency to house your lovely pet or adopt a new pet. Just keep in mind that whether you're surrendering or adopting an animal, any decisions surrounding pet ownership are worthy of serious consideration and thought.


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