How To Find Pet Sharks

Having a shark for a pet can make you look cool to your friends, but it can take a lot of hard work and caring. Sharks belong to the exotic pet category and therefore require special care and attention. It can be quite challenging to keep a pet shark and you need to know all the information and be ready to have a shark as a pet before you even go out shopping for one. Keeping a shark is not like keeping those cute little fishes in an aquarium. First of all, sharks can grow to be big fishes and secondly you should have experience in keeping a saltwater aquarium if you are thinking of getting a shark as a pet.

  1. Use the Internet to get most of the information you need in the type of shark species to buy, shark care and the required equipment for keeping a shark inside a large container. You may also be able to find sources of pet sharks. It is not advisable to buy sharks online as you need to inspect the shark up close before you pay for it.
  2. There are some freshwater sharks that you can buy. Even if it is a freshwater shark you still need to provide a very large aquarium, preferably one that can hold 1,000 gallons of water. You should have a very good filtration system to keep the water inside the aquarium clean and clear.
  3. Most sharks are quite aggressive with other fishes so you should only get a shark and nothing else. Most freshwater sharks are not true sharks and are easier to care for. If you happen to find a Red Tail, which is a popular freshwater shark, then know that it can be very aggressive. It can grow up to six inches in length as an adult. Another popular freshwater shark is the Bala, which can rapidly grow to about fourteen inches long. They are also good jumpers so your tank should have a good cover. A freshwater shark with the very peaceful disposition that is well suited for a beginner is the Iridescent shark, which can grow to about twelve inches in length.
  4. If you plan on getting saltwater sharks, then you should try to find some reef shark varieties such as the Grey, the White Tip or the Blacktop. Adult reef sharks can grow up to about six inches in length and may be aggressive to other fishes inside your tank but are not very aggressive toward humans. Be wary of their sharp teeth though, as they may take a nip at your fingers. A Nurse shark is also a good choice but can be a bit hard to handle when it has grown bigger.
  5. Make several trips to pet shark breeders and pet stores that sell them to get more valuable information before making a commitment. Ask a lot of questions to satisfy your curiosity and equip you for the eventuality of owning a pet shark. You have to learn the different eating habits and living environment of each specie. Younger sharks prefer live food though there are some which can be fed fish flakes. They are not gluttonous though and will ignore the food that you give them once they have had their fill.

Join Internet forums for dedicated to aquarium owners and seek out aquarium clubs. These are some good sources of information for the care and feeding of pet sharks. Make sure that your have inspected the shark thoroughly and ensure that it is free from disease before you buy one. It can be costly and you do not want to end up with a shark that will only live for a few days.


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