How To Find the Best Electronic Dog Training Collar

A dog should be trained starting at a young age. Part of the dog training is to tell them to stop barking at everything they see. An electronic training collar is used by most trainers to help the dog do their obedience exercises. The collar has sensors that will detect when the dog is barking and misbehaving and will emit an ultra high frequency sound that is only audible to dogs. The other type of electronic dog training collar emits a light electrical impulse when the dog barks or misbehaves. The impulse shocks the dog and indicates that he should stop what he is currently doing.

There are different types of electronic dog training collar and below are tips on how to find the best one for your dog. Please read on.

  • Make sure it fits your dog. The best electronic dog training collar should fit the type of dog you have. It should have a weight indicator so that you can choose the right one that falls within the weight range of your dog. As the collar will emit a strong electronic impulse to shock the dog, getting an electronic collar designed for a large dog can permanently damage a small dog.
  • Use it for support, not punishment. Know that the electronic collar is given to the dog to support the behavior and training exercises that you give your dog and that the purpose of the collar is to tell the dog that he needs to obey your commands when he is becoming unruly or unresponsive during the training session. This is not meant to be worn by the dog to continually punish him for misbehaving. If your dog seems to be inconsistent and unresponsive to all your training and coaching consider enrolling your dog to a behavior training course run by a professional dog trainer.
  • Go with waterproof. Choose an electronic training collar that is waterproof. You can choose one in treated leather or nylon that will be resist moisture and wear and tear so that it will last for the duration of your dog’s training.
  • Check consumer reviews. Look for consumer reviews on the different styles of electronic dog training collars. Most of these reviews are done by dog owners and you can get helpful insight on which one will be the best for the type of dog you own. One of the sites you can visit is It has regular updates on new dog training collars, consumer reviews and other helpful information on training your dog. is another website worth visiting. The electronic dog training collars are rated by reviewers, and the site shows their price for each item. You can click on a particular item and look at the features as well as product reviews.
  • Make initial comparison shopping. Search the web for stores selling electronic dog training collars and check the prices as well as the features of different types and brands of training collars.
  • Ask your vet for recommendations. He may have the right information based on research and first-hand information from other dog owners who have trained their dogs using electronic dog collars.

An electronic dog training collar should be worn by the dog only while you are training him. It should be removed when your dog has learned all your commands and can perform them well. Continued use of an electronic training collar will be detrimental to the health and general well-being of your dog.


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