How To Find Ugly Animals

Targeting an animal as repulsive is for the most part a matter of opinion.  However, there are certain specimens that would unanimously win the ugly title.   

You do not have to travel to the deep of the Pacific Ocean or far off into the uncivilized depths of Africa to find ugly animals.  All it takes is a quick internet search, and a plethora of hideous animals will appear before your eyes.  Many sites offer the experience of finding ugly animals, guaranteeing you will be strangely surprised at what you find. offers the Aye-Aye.  With huge gawking eyes, slender hideous fingers, and obnoxiously large ears, this animal is one of the ugliest mammals around.  In addition, if the Aye-Aye does not completely repulse you, try - this site provides seekers of ugly animal a multitude of unattractive species.  On this site, you will instantly find ten of the freakiest animals on the planet.  Included in these terrible ten will be the star-nosed mole.  The star-nosed mole, with its dreadful bodily characteristics - which includes claw-like appendages flowing out of its nose - easily makes this animal one of the most revolting creatures on the planet.   

The search for ugly animals is never-ending. offers an interesting, ugly animal: the Alpaca.  With its stringy fur, droopy eyes, disgusting tongue and undeniablye dirty appearance, the Alpaca is one of the strangest, ugliest animals to be found.  In addition, after being repulsed by the Alpaca, it is time to explore the hideous Florida Soft-Shell Turtle.  Found on, this turtle, with its beady eyes and large mouth, not to mention the flabby skin that drapes across its neck, is quite an unpleasant sight. 

Joining in on the fun of finding ugly animals is  One may not think a zoo would be so blatantly honest about the appearance of an animal, but this site admits that at least one animal is grotesque.  The Wrinkle-Faced Bat displays a naturally snarling look, glares with dark eyes, huge ears, and an undeniably disgusting small head.  The Wrinkled-Faced Bat actually has a naked face, but has an abundance of wrinkled skin which covers the face while the animal sleeps.  This animal is dreadful while awake and even more unattractive when asleep, as it looks like it is faceless.  

Adding to the collection of ugly animals is one of the most repulsive creatures of all time, the Bornean Bearded Pig.  Seen on, this animal is not only ugly, it is just plain weird.  Although it is obvious this animal descends from the pig family, it actually has a very prominent beard.  In addition to its very large beard, this pig displays a tail with tassels.  If you truly want to find an ugly animal, this one should be at the top of your search.   

If you are ready to do something very different, yet extremely fun, try looking for an ugly animal. You will be strangely surprised at what you find. 


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