How To Freshen Your Cat's Breath

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Sometimes cats can have breath that is just awful. Many cats love snuggling on the bed with their owners, but this may be simply unbearable if your cat has bad breath. Luckily, there are ways to fix that. Treat any underlying causes of bad breath and introduce foods and treats that can help freshen your cat's breath. Here's how to freshen your cat's breath:

  1. Brush his teeth. Many pet owners do not realize that their cat's teeth can be brushed just like human teeth, though ideally this should be done weekly to keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy. Purchase a cat toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste at the pet store. It's best to start this process when your cat is young, so they can get used to it, though older cats can adapt to this process. While you're at it, examine your cat's mouth for any potential dental issues or trapped food particles.
  2. Visit the vet. Chronic bad breath may have a medical or dental cause. Visit your vet to find out about possible causes and treatment options. Illnesses ranging from diabetes to periodontal disease can cause bad breath in cats, and they can't be treated without the help of your veterinarian. No matter how many times you brush your cat's teeth, your cat will always have bad breath if you don't treat these underlying causes. If there are no health issues, your vet can also prescribe products intended to freshen your cat's breath.
  3. Switch to dry food. Some wet cat foods can give your cat awful breath. Moist cat foods themselves often smell terrible, and have a habit of sticking in your cat's mouth. This is a common source of bad breath in cats. Avoid foods not meant for cats, such as milk, which can upset your cat's stomach and cause bad breath. Dry foods tend to keep gums and teeth healthy, preventing the dental issues that so often cause bad breath, and are the best choice if you're trying to eliminate bad breath.
  4. Buy special treats. Most pet stores carry dental chews and treats designed to freshen your cat's breath. Other products to try include mint drops formulated to be safe for pets. This is an easy way to freshen your cat's breath without changing their routine.

Bad breath in cats is usually caused by diet, lack of dental care, or underlying medical issues, although some cats do have naturally bad breath. Examine the potential causes for your cat's bad breath, increase dental hygiene, and give your cat foods and other products that will control their bad breath.


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