How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree

An Age Old Problem That Always Arises

It’s an age-old problem; how do you get your cat out of your tree? While many people might have the first instinct to call the fire department, that’s actually not a great idea. (Firemen should be reserved for fighting fires!) Plus, if you follow the steps below, you can probably get the cat of the tree yourself.

Step 1

Protect yourself. Chances are that when you are able to get your cat out of the tree, she might be frightened and frantic. If you have an active role in retrieving her, she is likely to scratch you. Put on long sleeves, long pants and gloves before you move on to the other steps.

Step 2

Entice her with food. This is your first line of defense so it might seem obvious. (Her moist food will carry a stronger scent than her dry food.) You can try spreading her food up and down the trunk of the tree and leaving another can at the bottom of the tree. Another option would be to bring out the tuna. Its heavy scent and likeability factor might entice her out of the tree.

Step 3

Bring out her litter box. It’s likely that at some point in this adventure, nature is going to come calling. If her litter box (with some of her waste) is available, she might recognize the familiar smell and come out of the tree to answer nature’s call.

Step 4

Spread the seed. Some people have been successful in getting their cat out of their tree by appealing to their natural animal instincts. If birdseed is scattered around the foot of the tree, the birds might come out. If the birds come out to eat, the cat might come down to chase

Step 5

Take matters into your own hands. Get a long ladder and have a plan. If you get all the way up to your cat, what will you do with her? Take a long handled bag with you up the tree. Put the bag over your shoulder so that you can use two hands on the ladder. Put your cat in the bag so that the two of you can safely get out of the tree.

Step 6

Ask for help. Look in the phone book for companies that will help retrieve your cat. Sometimes roofing companies or tree trimming companies will provide this service for a fee.

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