How To Get a Dog in TV Commercials

Every dog owner feels the same way as you do—his dog is the best. Your dog may be the best and you think it is better than dogs in TV commercials. So you thought that maybe, you can get your dog in TV commercials, too. Show business can be your dog’s lifetime career. But wait. Are you really sure your dog can be on TV or maybe you just have that feeling because it is your dog?

There are indicators that tell you that your dog is ready and is competent for TV commercials. Look for the following signs:

  • Comfortable with the TV star lifestyle. This means that your dog stays comfortable and calm in the crowd, bright lights, and very loud noises. It should be comfortable with strangers, too.
  • Obedient. Is your dog well-trained to be obedient at all times? Knowing the basic commands like “heel,” “roll,” “sit,” and “stay” is not enough to be an obedient dog. For TV commercial directors, obedient dogs can easily pick-up instructions.
  • Behaves well. Aggressive dogs are big no-no’s in TV commercials. Your dog should be comfortable working with people and pleasing people. It should be well-tamed for the demanding life of TV commercial stars.

Work out on your dog’s flaws first before you try getting it in TV commercials. You’ll only be wasting your time and effort if you start without your pet possessing all the qualities above.

Be prepared to spend time, money, and effort to get your dog in TV commercials. Here are some tips and tricks on how your dog can get ad agencies’ attention:

  • Upload videos of your dog on YouTube. A lot of stars today had their biggest break because of their YouTube videos. The world’s most popular online video database can be the best avenue to showcase your pet’s talent. Create videos featuring the tricks that your dog can do. Make it cute and adorable. Apply online marketing strategies, too, so that ad agencies can easily see your pet’s videos.
  • Find an agent for your pet. Prepare an impressive portfolio of your pet first before finding an agent. They’ll ask this from you, anyway. A portfolio can include professionally taken photographs of your pet and video records of what it can do. With all these at hand, the talent agent can easily know where to find the best break for your pet. Hiring a talent agent will cost some money but at least, you can take advantage of his connections and experience.
  • Audition your dog. Be informed of auditions for dog talents. The dog should always be ready to audition even on short notice.
  • Keep your dog always looking its best. Some pet talents were spotted while strolling in the mall. Who knows, maybe your pet will be noticed when you walk around the park. Be prepared for the unexpected by keeping your dog looking its best at all times. It should have regular grooming and it should always behave well.

Dog stars in movies and TVs didn’t have their break the easy way. All of them have undergone rigid training as preparation for their role. So don’t expect that your dog will have its break within a month or two. It might take years of continuous effort before you can get your dog in TV commercials. At least now, your pet is already a step ahead to stardom.


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