How To Get a Horse to Stop Bucking

Since most horses are cooperative and have fairly good temperaments, it is rare that a horse is intentionally malicious. So what should you do if your horse decides to buck? Why do horses buck and can it be stopped? This article addresses the issues of the bad habit of bucking.

There may be a perfectly good explanation for a horse to buck. If you are in the process of breaking a horse, it may buck because it is not used to the pressure of a human on its back, or the feel of legs around its side. A green horse can be unpredictable and excitable and its naturally high spirits come out in the act of bucking. Other causes that would make a horse buck are: ill-fitting tack, back injury and the use of spurs.

Stopping your horse from bucking can be as simple as changing the size of the saddle or leaving those jingly spurs off your boots. If you are dealing with a green horse, it can just take some time to get the horse used to you being up on its back and also letting the horse know that you mean him no harm. Creating a strong bond with your horse can be the most important factor in stopping your horse from bucking.

A fearful horse will also buck, so do everything you can not to cause your horse any reason to be fearful. Avoid a lot of fast movements and sudden, loud noises as these can make your horse nervous and cause a horse to buck.

A bucking horse can also mean that he is bored. Horses that are confined for long periods of time store pent up energy, so that when you do go out for a ride, they may be prone to buck and burn off some of that energy. Keeping your horse well exercised will help stop your horse from bucking.

Confusion can lead to bucking, too. When training your horse, be patient with him. Keep going over the lesson or else your horse can become agitated and not understand what you want from him. Do not yell or hit if your horse is not getting what you are trying to make him do, and do not hurry him through a lesson. All of this is part of progressive training and can help to cure your horse of the bad habit of bucking. Good luck with your equine friend.


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