How To Get Rid of a Dog's Heartworm

If you see your pet dog breathing heavily and having bleeding problems, chances are it’s got heartworm. Heartworm is a very serious disease that affects a lot of pets. It is carried through a mosquito bite and could show up in your dog during the late stages when the worm has fully developed. Read on below to find ways on how to get rid of a dog’s heartworm.

  1. A blood test is needed to find out the degree of infection the heartworm has caused. Several tests such as physical symptoms check, x-ray and blood tests can be done to discover how severe the parasite has affected your pet.
  2. A certain type of arsenic is used to kill the heartworms like Immiticide. Immiticide is administered by an injection in the dog’s lumbar muscles. It should be properly done to avoid any further infection or side effects. Get an experienced vet to treat your dog to be on the safe side.
  3. Give your dog a much needed rest. Restrict playful activities after seeing the vet. Do not expect it to recover quickly for it may take some time. Your pet will still be feeling pain and could still exhibit coughing bouts or difficulty in breathing. You need to provide the meds and follow vet’s instructions.
  4. Ivermectin is another chemical that can be used for parasites such as the heartworm. It is a preventive medicine, which is less dangerous than Immiticide. You can ask your vet if this is something you can do at home.
  5. If you notice that after treatment your dog’s urine has turned considerably dark, he seems to be breathing with so much more difficulty then it’s heart and lungs might have collapsed. This is called caval syndrome. You need to rush back to the vet.
  6. Surgical removal is an option that you need to consider if your dog is overrun by heartworms. The vet will need to open your dog up and remove whatever is blocking its heart. The risk is pretty high for this one but it would be the same result anyhow if you just let everything be.
  7. Cage rest is essential after surgery. If possible keep your pet at the doctor’s office because it would be safer that someone with medical knowledge will be able to quickly check up on it if the surgery went well.
  8. Once your pet is with you monitor its progress. List down what you observe and make sure you note this on your next vet visit. Just like a parent to a child you want to find out everything and make sure that your baby is really alright.

Find the right vet and get the right meds for your dog. Once your pet is cured make sure to take precautionary steps the next time to avoid undergoing this painful process. This type of parasite can cause serious disease and can even cause your pet’s death. Consult a vet each time you feel there is something wrong. It could save your pet’s life.


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