How To Get Rid of Fleas on Your Dog Naturally

When you are a dog owner, you do everything you possibly can to ensure the health of your dog. You give him the best dog food, water, check-ups and get rid of fleas on your dog that can damage his health. You want to use a commercially endorsed flea control program for your dog but you are worried about using chemicals. So what should you do? Go natural.

Before you proceed, you will need the following materials to successfully get rid of your dog's fleas naturally: Brewer's yeast and Neem oil.

After gathering your materials, be sure you are properly equipped, too. Wear rubber gloves when handling the fleas. Keep the fleas off your carpet and rugs by killing the fleas and their eggs even before they can multiply into an uncontrollable number. Here are some natural ways to finally get rid of fleas on your dog:

  1. First of all you should give your dog a bath weekly to remove fleas and their eggs from his body. Make sure that your dog is in good health and does not have cough or runny nose. Sometimes we disregard these simple conditions but if you bathe your dogs with a runny nose or a cough, chances are, he will fall sick after bathing.
  2. Always use warm water to bathe your dog. Dogs' body temperature drops and goes high almost instantly and if you use cold water to bathe him, he might get a fever. Warm water makes it easier to clean your dog's fur because it loosens up dirt and oil on your dog's body. Remember it should be warm and not hot. You may use a mild dog shampoo to do this.
  3. The quantity of brewer's yeast will depend on how big or small your dog is. Be sure to use the right amount of brewer's yeast. If you have a small dog or a small breed of dog like Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas or Miniature Pinschers, mix approximately one teaspoon of brewer's yeast with his dog food. It is advisable to give your dog the wet type when using this procedure. Repeat this daily or weekly to successfully remove the fleas that plague your dog.
  4. If your dog is of medium breed, repeat the steps for small dogs.
  5. If your dog is a large breed like Saint Bernard, Great Dane, Labrador or Retrievers that are 50 lbs and over, mix one tablespoon of brewer's yeast with your dog's dog food. Again, you should use the wet type of dog food to successfully mix with the brewer's yeast.
  6. Neem oil is a natural oil that you can use to get rid and prevent flea infestation in your dog. After bathing your dog, let his fur dry before applying Neem oil. Comb your dog's hair and on the top of his neck, part the fur to expose part of his skin. Put one drop of Neem oil on the skin on top of your dog's neck and at the base of the back where the tail meets your dog's back. Let the Neem oil dry before you let your dog shake himself after being combed and treated.

Natural is the best way to go when it comes to getting rid of your pet's fleas. However you should be careful not to let your dog ingest the Neem oil because it may cause an upset stomach. Always consult your veterinarian before trying any kind of flea control on your dog.


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