How To Get Your Dog To Take Medicine

Forget The Peanut Butter Trick & Good Bye Expensive Store Products

Never mind the peanut butter, the hot dog pieces, the fancy butters, or anything else the local yuppie pet store is trying to sell you. Most dogs will take pills with nothing more than your patience and their innate desire to please their master.

Step 1

Shake the bottle to bring the dogs over. They may think they want to be looking out the front window or scratching themselves, but any pill bottle shaken with gusto will bring the most stubborn dog running.

Step 2

When we give dogs pig ears or rawhides, we always make them sit before partaking in their tasty treat; their pill can be no different. It's all in the showmanship.

Step 3

Swallow, swallow, swallow: They won't take it all down at first. Stick it in their mouth, massage the neck, extend the snout and make eye contact. You know they want to please. Make it easy for them, and take the tension out of the room.

Step 4

You won't want to go through this song and dance for long. Dogs need to understand that their masters have their best interest in mind when medicating them. Slowly take away the massaging of the neck, but never take away the praise. They deserve the praise. Would you rather go through the song and dance of the peanut butter flavor façade, or do you want a mutually respectful relationship?

Step 5

If you have two dogs, then play them off each other. The first one to sit gets the treat first. A little competition makes everyone happy. They will learn to love each other and cooperatively learn to love anything that comes from the guy with the treats.

Step 6

Keep it interesting. Dogs will tire of the same old routine. Take it outside, do it in front of the house, or in front of a window. If the "treat" stays exciting, then that medicine will go down smooth for years to come.

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Thank you Elizabeth and Rick for you input. I'm glad this helped. I don't have a problem either with making sure my vacuum with legs takes his medicine, but I have had to struggle when he was young. Does anyone have problems with their dog/cat becoming picky with food?

I have this thing where my cat will like food one day and then not even touch it next time I give it to her. Maybe she is just being a princess but I can't figure it out. I should probably stop spoiling her

By Collin Walker

I guess I'm pretty lucky. My Min Pin is a four legged garbage can and will eat just about anything. Since she barely chews her food before wolfing it down, all I have to do is wrap the pill in a little cheese and it's done.

By Rick Contrata

Step 3 works very well. Before the dog realizes it, he's swallowed his medicine! That and praise are all that it takes. :O)

By Elizabeth Grace