How To Help A Constipated Dog

Your Dog Dooties Have Reduced...But This Is No Time to Relax

Sick dog
If you’ve noticed that your pooper scooper duties have diminished, it’s not time to celebrate. It probably means that your dog is suffering from constipation.  Before you book an appointment with the vet, follow the steps below to help your constipated canine.

Step 1

Take a close look at your pet’s diet. A poor diet is probably the single most cause of constipation in dogs. Your dog should eat a high quality pet food that is not processed. A good way to tell if the food is high quality is to look at the first ingredient; it should be meat.

Step 2

Have regular feedings. Dogs who are allowed to graze all day on food do not have time for their digestive systems to work. You should feed your dog twice a dog, once in the morning and once at night. Do not feed him too many treats in between feedings and never feed him scraps from the table.

Step 3

Water your pet. As with humans, dehydration and constipation go hand in hand. Make sure your pet’s water bowl is always full of fresh water and is in a place in the home that is easily accessible.

Step 4

Increase the fiber in your dog’s diet. You can do this by adding a few teaspoons of bran to his food. The cereal Grape Nuts is a good source of fiber for animals as well as humans. A few tablespoons of canned pumpkin given on a daily basis will also add fiber to the diet. Two teaspoons of mineral oil has also been known to relieve constipation but, unlike the other fiber supplements, should only be given on a short term basis.

Step 5

Dog proof your home. Many times the cause of constipation is the fact that your dog has ingested something it shouldn’t have. Make sure toys, small household items and trash are not left out for your dog to nibble on.

Step 6

Exercise your dog. Take him on a walk at least once a day to fight off constipation.

Step 7

Is it mental? Sometimes if a dog is experiencing psychological difficulty (he’s left alone for long periods of time, etc.) it can manifest in physical difficulties such as constipation.

If the above remedies aren’t working, it’s time to visit the veterinarian and get a professional opinion.

This article was written by Colling Walker who writes for Pet Super Store which is an online pet shop featuring dog beds and patio pet doors.

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