How To Help an Egg Bound Pet Bird

Egg binding is a very critical condition. It can harm both the hen and the egg. So don’t waste much time and call an avian vet right away. A serious condition like this should be handled with proper care and only professionals can do that. But if it’s impossible for you to find a vet, then try any of the following tips to help save an egg bound pet bird:

Keep the bird warm. This should help her to ease the muscles for easier passing of the egg. There are many ways to keep a bird warm and the following are just some of these:

  • Place the pet bird in steamy room. The temperature should be between 85oF to 90oF with about 60% humidity. Achieve this temperature and humidity by turning on the shower until the bathroom glasses are steamed up. Let the bird sit in this room until she feels better and hopefully be able to pass her egg. 
  • Give her a warm bath. Prepare a shallow warm bath for the hen. Use your small basin or anything that can safely give the bird a warm bath. Keep her in the bath until the egg is passed through.
  • Keep her hydrated. Take note that giving the bird warmth could make her thirsty. Provide water that can be easily reached. If she is too weak to drink, then drop some water or Gatorade into her beak using a baby dropper.

Massage the bird. Apply olive oil on the muscles responsible for passing through the egg. Be very careful when massaging the hen, though. It might break the egg inside. If you are uncomfortable doing this, then better not do this or let the vet do it instead.

Apply lubricant. Petroleum jelly or anything that could serve as lubricant for the bird will help for easy passing through of the egg.

Apply mineral oil to the egg. That is, if you can already see the egg. This helps lubricate the vent and the egg for easy passing.

Give the bird liquid calcium. Do this if you are planning to leave her in a warm place or let her have a warm bath. The calcium hardens the egg for safer and easier labor.

Apply Preparation H. Bird breeders find success by applying this product to the birds’ vent. Try this also to reduce swelling of the vent. The pain must be making the passing of egg more difficult. With reduced swelling, she could finally pass the egg.

While trying all these tips, do the best you can to contact an avian vet. You can never be too sure that any of these tips will work. They worked well for other birds but your situation might be different. It’s not the best time to hope for the best. Instead, make sure that your bird will be at her best condition. Call a vet immediately.

Remember that even if you do the best you can, the egg might still break, which could lead to the bird’s depression. At that point, you can still do something to save the bird by keeping her warm and consulting a vet. Sometimes, breaking the egg would also mean dying of the mother.

If you’re lucky, then the bird should successfully pass her egg with the tips above. Next time, prepare your bird for her soon labor by giving her calcium shots. Some vets might recommend a treatment that will stop the bird from producing any eggs.


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