How To Help Homeless Animals

Homeless animals have continued to grow in number in the past year. While it is sad to say that there are no accurate statistics on this, the alarming growth in the population of animals in animal shelters provide a solid proof that something needs to be done to help solve this, and fast. Here are some ways you can contribute in the effort to save all those homeless animals from further misery.

  • Be a responsible pet owner. This should be number one on the list. There won't be any homeless animals if all pet owners take proper care of their own pets. Have them spayed or neutered. Not only will this help in the population control of animals, but save your pet from particular illnesses such as certain cancers and other hormone-induced conditions. Spaying or neutering also reduces common pet problems such as wanderlust and aggression.           
  • Volunteer. Almost all animal rescue shelters operate on meager budgets. This is why volunteering will definitely help in providing manpower, not just for the shelter, but for the advocacy as well. If you cannot allot your time to physically help care for homeless animals in the shelters, then volunteer in some other ways. You can offer your services in their public relations committee. You can even raise funds by gathering financial support from friends. You can also help raise awareness by distributing fliers of events geared to promote responsible pet ownership. There are numerous ways to help. All you need to do is ask in what way you can aid.
  • Involve your kids. Kids should be taught about the importance of this cause so that they too grow up to be responsible pet owners. Involving them in your volunteer work will be a very rewarding and empowering experience. Not only will it be a good story to tell their classmates in school, but be an inspiring example to other children as well.
  • Promote the adoption of homeless animals. Animal shelters can only accommodate so much homeless animals. When a shelter becomes overpopulated, diseases in the animals spread. Tragically some shelters are forced to commit euthanasia rather than allow more animals to get sick and suffer. Convince your friends or relatives who aren't pet owners to become one. Some people shy away from adopting homeless animals because of the inconvenience. But as a happy pet-owner you can show them the upside.

While homeless animals abound, there are surely solutions to solve this. All it takes is commitment to assist and not contribute further to the problem. Directing our energies to further strengthen the efforts by joining organizations will assure that animal rights advocacies are translated into concrete actions.


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