How To Help your Dog Stop Excessive Itching and Scratching

All dogs are prone to scratching. However, there might be a problem if you notice that your dog itches and scratches all the time. There are many things that may cause itchiness for your dog. The cause for your dog’s itching can be a bit hard to determine since there are many factors to consider. Some of the common causes for itchy skin on dogs are fleas, poor diet or an allergic reaction to something.

Help your dog with his situation by following the tips that are provided below:

  • Check the skin. Check the skin of your dog and see if there is something unusual. One of the causes of itching for dogs is mange. Mange is a type of disease caused by mites on the skin. The mites are not seen by the naked eye but you can inspect for signs that your dog may have mange. The skin usually appears flaky. Check behind the ears, the neck and abdomen. If you see signs of mange, bring your dog to the vet immediately to get them scraped off.
  • Fleas. Probably the most common cause of itching is fleas. Your dog can develop complications if you are not able to remove the fleas immediately. They can have tapeworms or dermatitis. It is quite easy to check if your dog has fleas. Just part their coat of hair and check if there are fleas on the hair. The solution to this is to use special dog shampoo that will get rid of fleas. It might take a few baths before you completely get rid of the fleas.
  • Allergic reactions. Itchiness caused by allergic reactions is hard to determine by yourself. If you feel that your dog is allergic to something, bring him to the doctor immediately so that tests can be done to determine the problem. This is the best solution but it can be quite expensive to get your dog tested.
  • Change diet. Some dogs are allergic to some types of food. This may be the cause of itching. You can experiment with your dog’s diet and see which works best. There are different types of dog food available. You can purchase them in small amounts so that you can see which is good for your dog. You also might want to try serving your dog home cooked meals.
  • Psychological. In some cases, the itching and scratching is psychological for your dog. This may be hard to establish. If you have gone through all the other causes of itching and your dog still itches, then it might be psychological. You might want to work with a dog trainer to help you overcome this problem.

As soon as you notice excessive scratching on your dog, you have to bring him to the doctor to see what’s wrong. Some problems can lead to more serious cases and your dog needs all the help he can get. It is better to catch a disease early to prevent it from spreading.


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