How To House-Train a Labrador Puppy

The Labrador retriever is by far one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They are highly trainable, fun-loving, athletic, eager to please, great with children and downright cute. With the proper training, it won’t take long for your Labrador to become house trained.


  • Choose your puppy’s potty spot. Decide which area of the house where she can go potty. If your house has a yard, your Labrador puppy should do her business there. But it should not be just anywhere in the backyard. Choose a specific spot. In a small apartment or condominium, you may find that the only place for your dog to relieve herself is in the bathroom or in area with an easy to clean flooring (tiled floors are the best).
  • Establish a feeding schedule. Puppies and adult dogs in general tend to go potty after meals. It would be easier for you to train your Labrador puppy if she has a set feeding schedule. This way you know when she eats and when her body begins to process her meals.
  • Train your Labrador puppy to use her crate. The crate is used to house your puppy at night or when you need to leave the house for a short period of time. Make it her special go to place by putting a nice comfortable blanket for her bedding and a few chew toys to keep her busy. You can give her a treat each time you find her spending quiet awake moments in her special place.
  • Lead your pup to the designated potty area. When you let your Labrador puppy out of her crate in the morning, make sure you both head out to the potty area together. Dogs need to relieve themselves upon waking up. While she is doing her business in the right spot, softly tell her what a good puppy she is. As soon as she is done, say “Good dog!” in a loud but loving voice. Scratch her behind her ears or pat her head so she knows she did a good thing. You can also give her a treat for a job well done. Just make sure to bring the treat with you before you go to her potty place. Your Labrador puppy should be able to associate her good behavior with the special reward.
  • Bring your Labrador puppy to her potty place several times a day. A Labrador puppy may need to urinate often. Bring her to her personal comfort room after meals and after long naps. If she seems to only want to play, ignore her until she finally does her business. Only then should you spend time to play with your puppy.
  • Clean up any accidents properly and quickly. In case your Labrador puppy accidentally does her business elsewhere, don’t spank her or shout at her. Keep calm. Clean up the mess immediately. Use products that will eliminate urine and fecal odor well. If the scent of her poop or pee lingers on after cleaning, your Labrador puppy may be inclined to relieve herself in that same spot at a future time.


  • Use a leash when you take your puppy to her potty area for the first few days.
  • You can use a phrase that your Labrador puppy can associate with relieving herself. “Go potty” is a popular phrase.

House training your Labrador puppy is an easy task. Just follow the method above and in no time, your furry pal will be going to her potty place regularly and consistently.


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