How To Housetrain a Chihuahua Puppy Using Pee Pads

The chi, short for chihuahua, is said to be difficult to house or potty train. This is why some chihuahua puppy owners dread house training. This is especially true for owners of chihuahuas who do not have the luxury of a backyard or a garden where their puppies can go potty.

But don’t get discouraged. To make things easier, you can use pee pads in house training your little canine pal. In no time, with patience and consistency, your chihuahua will surely be able to use pee pads like a pro.


  • Purchase the pee pads. You can buy your pet’s pee pads at local pet stores. Pee pads are also sold online. Look for good quality pee pads that are high absorbent and environment friendly. Ask for recommendations from your puppy’s veterinarian as to which brands are the best. Also check pee pad reviews by pet owners on the internet.
  • Set up an enclosed area for your chihuahua. A puppy play pen is the best set up. You can also use baby gates to enclose an area of your house for potty. The enclosed area should preferably be a tiled floor or a floor that is easy to clean. Do not choose a place that has hardwood flooring. Carpeted floors are also a no-no. Accidents will happen and cleaning should be easy and breezy. Make sure you can see the enclosed area most of the day. Otherwise, your puppy might be howling all day long, feeling punished and unloved.
  • Place one pee pad in the enclosed area. Choose a corner and situate one pee pad there. The corner you choose should be far from your chihuahua’s food and water bowls. It should also be away from your puppy’s sleeping area. By nature, canines do not want to soil the place where they eat and sleep. Pee pads give off a unique scent that only dogs can smell. This scent will encourage your chihuahua to use the pee pad as her personal toilet.
  • Guide your puppy to the pee pad. Puppies in general need to go when they wake up in the morning, after naps and after meals. After observing your chi’s behavior for a few days, you’ll know when she has to go. As she uses the pee pad, praise her in a soft, loving voice. Once your chihuahua is done, then you can be more vocal in your praises. If you catch her in the act of relieving herself away from the pee pad, interrupt her in a calm voice. Never scare her by shouting or yelling at her. Lift her up then place her on top of her pee pad. Again, praise her when she’s done.
  • Cut down the pee pads. After sometime of consistently peeing on the pee pad, you should begin to cut it down to a smaller size. This way you can further limit the area where your chihuahua can pee or poop. You can also situate pee pads in other areas of the house where she is allowed to perform her business. Pee pads can be used to train her to answer nature’s call outside the house.

Housetraining requires a lot of patience, time, consistency and love. Using pee pads makes it easier to potty train your chihuahua puppy. Make sure you buy pee pads that are good for your puppy, for you and for the environment.


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