How To Identify a Balinese Cat

Balinese cats are a breed similar to the Siamese. They are popular in cat shows, where they are known for their grace and poise. Here's how to identify a Balinese cat:

  1. Temperament - These graceful cats are strong and elegant. Although they are primarily an indoor cat, they are not as moody as their cousins, the Siamese. Balinese cats are intelligent and can be trained relatively easily. Although sleek in appearance, they are surprisingly playful.
  2. Shape - The Balinese cat has a medium-sized frame and long, thin limbs. The paws are relatively small when compared to the rest of the body. Despite their thinness, the Balinese cat has well-defined muscles, and is surprisingly heavy when lifted. The head of a Balinese cat is wedge shaped, with a long neck and large ears.
  3. The eyes - The eyes of a Balinese cat are deep blue and slightly slanted inward. They should be bright and clear, and have the same color as a sapphire. If the cat's eyes are not blue, then it is not a full Balinese, but may be a cross.
  4. Fur - The Balinese cat should have silky soft fur that is slightly longer than your average short-haired cat. In fact, it is often classified as a medium-haired cat. This cat has only one layer of fur, not two, and it clings very closely to the body. The fur of a Balinese tends to be very glossy.
  5. Coloring - The Balinese cat has the same coloring as a Siamese, with a cream or light tan color darkening to near black on the ears, face and tail. The only four colorations of a true Balinese cat are seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point. These are the same variations that are found in Siamese cats. If found in any other color, it is not a Balinese cat, but may be a Javanese, which is a similar breed with different colorations.
  6. The tail - The easiest way to identify a Balinese cat is usually the tail. Although the rest of the coat is relatively short, the tail of a Balinese cat has long, silky fur about two or three inches long. The tail is thick and fluffy. This plume tail is common in pedigreed Balinese cats, and when combined with the Siamese coloration is a sure sign that you're looking at a Balinese.

The Balinese cat breed is similar to the Siamese, with the same body type and coloring, but the Balinese has slightly longer fur and a fluffy, long-haired tail. There are actually two variations of the Balinese, one with longer hair and a more muscular body and one with shorter hair (although still with the long-haired tail) and a slender, longer body.


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